JBL PowerUp Back at $149 Again on Amazon (Black)

| July 5, 2013 | 7 Replies

5a307669db36f6b1d15cf1d3c45c59d2Our favorite Lumia accessory deal is back once again, the JBL PowerUp/MD-100W is up at the 50% discounted price of $149. The Black version is in stock and ready to ship so no reason to wait around.


Nokia MD-100W JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia – Retail Packaging – Black

Also the Lumia 920 in White (unlocked) is at a reasonable $400 if anyone’s interested:

Nokia Lumia 920 Smartphone – unlocked – White



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  • Wow

  • rudy

    Silly question, but this will work with nfc on non Nokia phones correct?

    • Yep!

      • JGrove

        Which is funny, cuz Galaxies won’t talk to Lumias and vise versa

    • twig

      I’m loving mine. Your phone doesn’t have to stay on it either, mine’s connected via Bluetooth and does auto connect if the speaker has power and my phone is in the room. I love using the 360’s for games also. I just put on the gray cover for the 920 with white back screen and grey tiles….oh,oh,oh my.

  • Dave²

    Unlocked Lumia 920 is difficult to find on Amazon, I’ve already went through 3 seperate orders and returns before giving up on trying to get one.
    They were always AT&T unlocked versions, and in one case the seller tried to be sneaky and put a sticker over the factory labels to say it was a RM-821 instead of RM-820. *#0000# showed the phone’s true colors though.

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