The Lumia 1020 Was Indeed Called Nokia 909 Once Upon a Time

| July 11, 2013 | 43 Replies

imageWith the device hands on pics coming in we’re sure to discover some interesting facts about the amazing new Lumia 1020, the first of which isn’t really important; but is “interesting” to Nokia geeks like us. The Lumia 1020 was indeed set to be announced/released as the Nokia 909 not so long ago (given the fact that they didn’t have enough time to change the software to mimic the name change).


The change was probably done to avoid making the 1020 look like an inferior or older device, personally I think Nokia should keep the 1XXX range for those niche/abnormal devices, such as camera oriented devices, phablets and maybe even tablets; while keeping the 9XX range as the representative of the all rounder best device out there.

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  • Janne

    As an old Nokia fan, and a Finn, I welcome this day I can again call a new Nokia device by its four digits:


    Now, just make an i version later and we’re all set… 😉

    (I know it is ten-twenty in English.)

    • v.s.i

      But it’s 80 lesser than the Nokia 1100. O_O

      😀 😀

    • Lars

      This one does not sit well in swedish.
      Comparing to “trettitvåtie, trettitretie” and so on.. “tietjugo (yesyes, tiotjugo, but that’s not how you say it) ;-)” Just doesn’t cut it. 😛

      • Janne

        En-noll-två-noll? (Eller är det ett-noll…)

        • Lars

          Ett-noll 🙂 but it still does not sound right.

  • VIVA NOKIA!!!!

  • Mariano

    Sleeping screen available? (glance)

  • v.s.i

    Wow, Pro Cam’s UI sh*ts on WP’s default camera app massively….

    Good to see Nokia back to their wild experiment days, there’s nothing like the vanguard feel that a 6260, N93 or Lumia 1020 owner has (or had, or will have). 😀

  • dietyyli

    Check meta data of the first image. Camera model: id300


  • swain

    Here comes Nokia…reinventing dual core processors…With lowest resolution on the smallest screen available on any flagship…
    Pray for Nokia people…we have another product that ensures the sales figure won’t achieve any respectable figure…

    • Zipa

      Que? It has the same amount of cores and a higher resolution than the iPhone 5. Just because Android won’t run smoothly on a 1024 core HP Superdome doesn’t mean that all other manufacturers should plaster unnecessary hardware on their devices.

      • swain

        Hardware was never unnecessary. The better specs your device has, the more future proof it is. Going forward a lot of new apps will come to WP. Which will require more advanced hardware.
        For an example: An app that require more RAM will run smoothly on 1020 which may not run on 920/925/928.
        It’s just an example. In real life there may be requirement of more processing power or advanced GPU.

        • Zipa

          “Hardware was never unnecessary. The better specs your device has, the more future proof it is.”

          In a world where people change phones more often than their underwear, who cares about “future proofing”? I buy things that fit my needs, not to cater for some future events that may or may not happen. If at some point I find that my phone (or anything else, for that matter) has become obsolete, I will replace it with whatever will fit my needs at that point in time. Paying for hardware that I do not need nor want is indeed very much unnecessary.

          Another example: I drive a VW Golf. I didn’t buy a Ferrari just in case I would at some point get all psyched up about track racing, nor did I buy a bus just so that I could fit 22 kids in it should I go crazy and become a Laestadian.

          • swain

            Why don’t you buy a Nokia 6600 ? That will suit well with your VW Golf.

    • like with the camera, it’s not the number of cores, it’s what you do with them, on windows phone you don’t need quad-core, or 10 millon cores, the extra RAM is more useful as windows phone OS is quite efficient. All that the extra cores will do is drain more power, what’s the point of that?

      • swain

        Why don’t you use a single core, 512 MB RAM device with a nHD or less screen ?

        • Janne

          Because it wouldn’t run WP? 😉

          Those are, funnily, 808 specs.

          • swain

            I still have 808 and it’s used as a phone. Though I am seriously considering of retiring it from it’s active duty.

            • bean

              ….i have 808 and use it as my primary phone + primary camera after my GC stucked its lens, and i am planning to make it my primary camera + secondary phone when when its successor (1020) becomes available…

              • swain

                The 1020 is indeed a good option if you are not after big 5″+ FHD screens or modern internals.

                • Janne

                  The 1020 internals are plenty modern. Sure, there are even more powerful models out there, but also plenty of high-end models with similar specs. I’d say the bigger point is the screen size: if 4.5″ is OK and camera is important, 1020 has pretty great specs. If you are looking for a phabletty device, then 1020 isn’t for you.

    • Janne


      With lowest resolution on the smallest screen available on any flagship…

      That is just patently false. Lumia 92x and 1020 have better resolution (more pixels) and better PPI (pixels per inch) and a larger screen than the highest-selling flagship of them all, the iPhone 5. Not to mention still a rare super-sensitive touch on the Lumia.

      It is, of course, true there are many 1080p Android flagships in the 5″+ range. The PPI on Lumia’s 4.5″ screens is so high that 1080p would make less sense on that inch size, though. It makes more sense on larger screen-sizes, where it of course comes a question of preference – do you want smaller or larger screen.

      • swain

        In the second half of 2013 I was expecting something better from Nokia. It just didn’t meet my expectations. A handful of people may give it a try but it’s not gonna match the beauty of 1080p 5″ screens of competitors.
        I am not asking for a Snapdragon 800 with LTE-A as it’s of no use for me but certainly the 4.5″ HD screen looks tiny and less attractive in front of 5″ FHD screens.

        • Zipa

          “certainly the 4.5″ HD screen looks tiny and less attractive in front of 5″ FHD screens.”

          You do realize that what you said is your opinion, not a matter of fact? I much prefer a phone that’s about the size of a Lumia 800/N9/iPhone 5. Even my L820 is a tad too big for my preferences.

          • swain

            I am sure everyone won’t prefer a 5″ screen.

            “certainly the 4.5″ HD screen looks tiny and less attractive in front of 5″ FHD screens.”

            The above statement describes the look and feel of 5″ FHD screens. User will choose whatever he/she feels comfortable.

            • Alen

              Each to his own.
              I prefer a smaller screen, it is easier to hold and use with one hand. My 808 has a great screen for everyday use, but a bigger one with a better res like this 4.5in would be better to suit the camera.

              I am looking forward to holding this beauty in my hand.

              • swain

                I too liked the screen of my 808 until I used some bigger and better screens. Now it feels tiny and the colors look less attractive.

                • Janne

                  Sure, when you get used to something new it changes things. I do think, though, 4.5″/768 in Lumia 92x/1020 is quite a departure from the 16:9 nHD 808 screen. The 4.5″ with those specs feels significantly larger and more up-to-date.

                  A 16:9 5″ screen is not as big a departure from a relatively wider 4.5″ 15:9 screen, than the jump from 808 to anything more modern. In a world that accepts iPhone at 16:9 4″, 4.5″ 15:9 with great specs would still seem like a useful size.

          • viktor von d.


        • Janne

          In the second half of 2013 I was expecting something better from Nokia.

          And you’ll get it later in the second half of 2013.

          This was not Nokia’s response to large-screened phabletty devices.

          Samsung, curiously, released S4 Zoom with quite similar CPU/RAM/screen specs… or were they in fact worse than 1020?

          • swain

            S4 zoom !!! what a joke !!!
            Anyone buying that device ???

            And by later half of 2013, do you mean first half of 2014 ???

            • Janne

              No, I mean later in this second half of 2013. I’m sure we’ll see larger-screened models from Nokia later this year.

              • swain

                Do you know when 1020 will be available in international markets(more specifically Indian market) ? I hate the love of Nokia for US market…

                • Janne

                  Nokia announced China and key European markets still within Q3 and other markets in Q4, including some Asian and Middle Eastern markets. I don’t remember if India specifically was mentioned, but it is possible Q4 might include India?

            • DesR85

              “S4 zoom !!! what a joke !!!
              Anyone buying that device ???”

              Not too sure on my side (Malaysia) as I have yet to see it released here. Latest model is still the S4 and I have already seen a few people owning it.

              Doubt it will as popular as the S4, but I won’t be surprised if there are some who will buy it. It will surely be hilarious to see one during a call. 😛

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  • Dovageris Torho Mhuro

    I think with MeeGo or with Symbian that would be hot staff. After PRISM scandal seems quite risky to store any personal or work pictures using Win as they can be accessible for unknown who-ever-somebody-somewhere, hence I would be delighted with this phone with MeeGo or Sailfish or Asha/Meltemi, as Symbian is to be dead. Such a phone from Nokia would be very interesting offer for me. Please Nokia don’t forget about your devoted fans like me, I want to buy such piece of Nokia engineering art.

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