GDR3 Set for Late This Year, Blue and Notification Center for 2014

| July 12, 2013 | 41 Replies

DSC01500According to The Verge, Microsoft have been forced to delay the update cycle for WP; due to some major bugs leading to a cut-down on those planned/scheduled mini updates.

We’ve learned that Microsoft had planned to roll out a number of Windows Phone updates more frequently, but delays in testing new chipsets and bugs in some of the GDR updates have slowed down feature additions. One particular bug with unbranded devices not sold by carriers is said to have affected the way a handset is identified on a network. We’re told that Microsoft had a hard time fixing this particular problem, resulting in delays to other planned work.

As we previously heard, GDR3 will bring quad core support, 1080p resolution, and hopefully usher in an ere of larger screen sizes (a phablet at Nokia world is looking quite promising right about now).

On the other hand the major update “Blue” is slated for a 2014 release with some more important features such as notification center, improve multitasking and updates to built-in apps (improved Me/People hub please!)

We’re told that the lack of significant changes is due to the focus on Windows Phone’s “Blue” update. The future update, expected in early 2014, looks set to include a notification center, improved multitasking, and changes to built-in apps.

Apparently the delay of WP Blue has lead to some features that were initially set to some out in the BLue update to be added to GDR3, mainly rotation lock.

So basically once again Nokia have made a killer device, and Microsoft have killed it with their incompetence and slow updates, thank you. Really.




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