Whatsapp for WP8 Updated, Proper Background Agent Support, No more Audio Streaming, Emoji and lots more!

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Whatsapp for Windows Phone has just received a long overdue update, bringing a slew of improvements and new features. Most importantly is a proper background agent, getting rid of the audio streaming in the background! Hip Hip Hooray! Also updated are the Emoji to match thos of iOS and Android (i’ve had a couple sticky situations were I accidentally sent the wrong face :/ ). Plus now you have the option to voice call a contact directly from the app (not THROUGH the app) but simply a shortcut rather than finding their name in the contacts list.

Another change is the larger preview fro sent images (as seen below) and a warning informing you that you won’t recieve push messages when in battery saving mode. All in all it’s a long awaited and much needed update grab it at the link below and enjoy!

Scan with Windows Phone


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  1. AMT says:


  2. LosT_97 says:


    • Patata says:

      Indeed, finally.
      Glad they’ve finally managed to release that important update. Hope notifications will work with this version and that the app resumes more constantly

      • Donie says:

        The notification is not a problem of whatsapp. Its a Microsoft server problem! Or was? Since today it seems to be quite ok with the notifications. Lets see.
        however, a really important update. So far no problems since 10 minutes lol

  3. Jaime S says:

    Excelente, lo acabo de actualizar y si, ya no me aparece (.) en la opcion del volumen, ahora esta en segundo plano, ademas se puede realizar llamadas directas, pero teniendo saldo, jeje, y mejora la velocidad…ojala sigan mejorando

  4. Harangue says:

    Finally. Just in time as well. It really started to act up the last few weeks. Lets how it behaves now.

  5. Patata says:

    Whatsapp is a good example to proof that the app situation on WP still isn’t that good. If there is a WP version of a certain app it takes, like in this case, ages until it gets updated or there will be no updates / maintenance from the developers at all. Just look at all those Nokia Collection Apps. Many of them, mostly the games, never got any update at all after their first release, cause Nokia seems to have paid enough to port a certain app / game but apparently not enough to make the developer actively maintain those apps

  6. shallow ocean shoal says:

    What about Google GChat? Has that been fixed to be as tightly integrated?

  7. Pathetic says:

    my N9 has all this for about a year, WTF is happening with WP and users, WP is a great scrap

  8. Erick says:

    It also works for 7.8: quicker launch times
    One of the best updates for this app.

  9. ammad says:

    Viber next please.

    That app needs improving, esp needs a manual refresh button for wen u add new contacts..
    It often needs reinstalling to find new contacts..dafuq

  10. Antonio Zapata says:

    Use Google Traslator please. Leo diariamente su blog, tanto asi al punto de ser enfermo de nokiablog entro a la pagina alrededor de 10 veces a diario, nunca habia comentado porque hablo poco ingles pero luego de esta actualizacion brotan lagrimas de alegria debido a la emocion, en mi lumia 920 es fantástico. Ya encontre un bug pero han sido tantos las mejoras que lo dejare pasar. Cuando quieren enviar una foto y pasan largo rato en la galeria buscando desde la app se cierra inesperadamente.

    • Erick says:

      Qué tal? Cómo ha sido tu experiencia con el 920? Utilizaste alguna vez 7.5 o el 920 es tu primer Lumia? Yo soy usuario de un 710 llevado a 7.8.

  11. arts says:

    Btw, wp7 users get the update too. :)

  12. sbw44 says:

    What about skype

  13. Ronit says:

    Does anyone know what happens if I turn off the Whatsapp background task now? Messages still continue to be pushed.

  14. jiipee says:

    What’s wrong with the tile? Ive been toughy that the tile is able to show information such as the latest message or the beginning of the last 5 messages. Why isnt such a feature implemented since they are supported? Having such a oversized (I know you can resize it, Belfiore showed me it few times) app launch icon is useless.

    Does this integrate to the people hub?

  15. Good update. But it still doesn’t fix the problem of max 2048 characters in a message! If a length of a message is more than that it will show a black box.

  16. Kartik Agarwal says:

    I have a windows 7.8 phone and I updated my whatsapp from the link given above
    I got the updated whatsapp
    But will it harm my phone as I’ve force updated it…

  17. Jinesh says:

    Praise the lord, WhatsApp users on Windows phone 8!! But does it really give what it promises to?!?!

  18. Erick says:

    Everybody: THERE´S A NEW UPDATE IN THE STORE!!! Couple of improvements, becoming COMPLETE!!! Have fun

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