Lumia Tip: Glance Screen – Always on Clock always on, and night mode

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One of the great things Nokia is bringing to the Nokia Lumia range is the always on clock, popularised by Symbian and a feature on the Nokia N9 (as well as double tap to unlock).

By default, the Glance screen turns off after a predetermined amount of time. If you picked it up, or moved it, or double tapped the screen, it would come on again. Great but not ideal if I left it on the bedside or desk, hoping to see the time at a glance without having to touch anything.

I didn’t know or forgot that there was an option, but Rafe Blandford of AllAboutWP/Symbian told me, whilst I was tucking into a ShakeShack burger in NYC, that you can actually set the clock to never turn off in the settings. Awesome!


Now its always on, all the time. Effects on battery? Negligible, not that I noticed. I did mean to make a post to share this information in case there was anyone else who was unaware like me, but with my Mac breaking (and needing 4 hour trips back and forth to the Apple store plus sorting out the uni house to move out for summer) it kinda got set aside in my long list of blogposts to do.

Fortunately WPC have made a video showing exactly what you can do with Glance Screen, including a night mode whereby the clock turns RED which is apparently a lot easier on the eyes than possibly glaring white. You can determine what time Night Mode begins and ends.

Glance screen is a fantastic Nokia feature. The moment people start to take notice of this, I wouldn’t be surprised (if like Active lockscreen, aka Nokia bubbles) this is found on the other platforms (unless Nokia has smartly protected this idea?)



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  • For lumia 920’s screen. Will it work on our phone? Will it affects the battery life?

    • DesR85

      I am also a 920 owner and this is one of my concerns as well, but since there is a ‘Peek’ and ‘Timed’ option, I don’t find it a big issue (unless you prefer it to be always on).

      • Mariano

        I can’t understand how this will work with 920 because the LCD display

  • et3rnal

    I don’t have that “peek” option on my 925!!! Also I have problem that the alarm notification sound volume is really low? any idea?

  • ammad

    @ Jay

    I believe RED light does not break down the Rhodopsin found in your (Rod Cells) eyes. More Rhodopsin helps with night vision.


  • ammad

    so usefull in situations such as Star Gazing in complete darkness..and you just wanna check the time, you can look at the always on clock and not have to worry about losing any night vision

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  • speachless

    is this available yet? when will amber update come?
    will this work on nokia lumia 520

  • nabkawe

    The galaxy s4 ripped that idea completely, well I don’t know if its always on but it has peek settings much like the one Nokia introduced in the latest update.

  • shallow ocean shoal


    C’mon please fix this ASAP! I don’t need to wave my hand over it to see the time. I need to see what I missed.

    • ammad


  • allawi

    Would I have this on lumia 820

  • Pete

    Will this be working on 7.8 devices with AMOLED screens, like the 800? Is this a system hack by Nokia or an app?

  • サマンサ バック

  • Martin

    Can we increase the font size to be huge – I mean, at least half of the screen?