Why would you want the Lumia 1020 camera grip ? Hint: its not just the battery.

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First off you should know I’m in love with mobile photography , those of you who follow me on twitter will quite notice , and part of being a fan of Nokia is the sheer amount of technical information Nokia and its blogs publish.

I basically attribute any good picture I take to MyNokiaBlog and then Nokia.  This is why I was glad to join MNB’s team as a thank you in return.
How it all started… 

When I took my first decent picture using a Nokia N73 I was immediately in love with photography , as the years passed by I became spoiled and started picking up every Camera oriented Nokia phone (sadly I skipped the N95 for financial reasons).

A flower-n73

OIS was years away and a good picture demanded a steady phone, this is why I loved every Nokia that stood on its own ,  and this is why I slightly hated the 808.




Now the Lumia 1020 can indeed stand on its own despite the huge sensor !

But Landscape photography will prove difficult , ( I noticed that most of my good pics are taken in portrait!. )

By now you must be wondering why a phone with second generation  OIS  might need to be steadied or mounted ? Answer  : longer shutter times and better low light marvels and camera apps that uses motion.

You can set the ISO to 100 basically killing noise off , while prolonging shutter time to get crisp and clear photos at night. much like this photo I took with my Lumia 920.
You see that HUGE grip doesn’t just give people the prospective of a good camera  , It actually lets the phone stand  to take great portrait pictures and helps it stand on its side for great Landscape goodness.

The apps which will benefit from the grip are many :

Nokia Pro cam  ,  Nokia Smart Cam , Burton lens , Cinemagraph , Refocus , Proshot , HDR photo camera, Panorama , photosynth , Ready click and the voice controlled camera apps.

It’s a grip that lets you Skype hands free, your father could use it comfortably to take a family picture using voice commands, you can use it to take great pictures at the restaurant you just checked in via Foursquare , If your friends are into action shots any  flat object could be your mount.


Add the 50% increase in battery life and the comfort of a big shutter button , then sprinkle the universal mount  and I’ll gladly shell out the 80$ for it , this is why I won’t buy my Lumia 1020 unless I have that sweet grip to match it. 

This article can be a little silly and borders fan boyism,  I know but its only until you read the following quote that you’d begin to understand how cool this thing is in COMPARISON. 

The Zoom adopts the GS4’s plasticky design, so right off the bat it doesn’t feel like a premium device. It’s significantly thicker than any current smartphone, and even most point-and-shoot cameras. Still, it fits in a jeans pocket, and it’s comfortable to hold both as a phone and as a camera. Curiously, every side of the device is slightly curved, so it’s impossible to stand the camera up on its own. You can mount it on a tripod, of course, but if you don’t have one around and need to do some hands-free shooting, you’re out of luck.

Zach Honig, Engadget.  describing the Galaxy S 4 ZOOM.

Point and shootingness


Thanks for reading guys.

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