Achievement unlocked: Jay Montano becomes a Nokia Most Valued Connectors judge

| July 25, 2013 | 27 Replies

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I bet after years of good work by Jay Montano, Nokia just can’t thank him properly anymore.

This is why when an award for the Most Valued Connector was going to be presented to some lucky fella , Nokia choose Jay Montano, Mark Guim, Jenifer Hanen,Clinton Jeff and Jason Goh  to actually be the judges on who deserves the  award.



So whats MVC exactly ?  as Nokia connects puts it

Liking and sharing all of this[videos/pictures and fan submissions]  isn’t enough though. We want people who are doing amazing things with Nokia to be recognized and appreciated as our Most Valued Connectors (MVCs). We’ll be picking an MVC every month starting from today, and to show our love for them we’ll be taking them on amazing and bespoke experiences… made by Nokia just for you!

The MVC award will be monthly and will be judged by the amazing 5 team and I just know Its going to be a hard job for the team to pick just one person for the award because if the experience Jay is having in Finland today is anything to go by , the title will be worthwhile.

for the full article about the MVC awards click here.

Have fun out there Jay, be sure to hit us with updates.




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