GDR2 Reportedly Fixes all “Other” Storage Issues

| July 27, 2013 | 36 Replies


According to Joe Belfiore, the GDR2 update (which is packed into the Lumia Amber update on Nokias) should completely resolve the “other” storage issue. Where mysterious files would slowly eat away at your phone’s capacity till it emptied it.

Belfiore confirmed that the 1020 he has running GDR2 was resolved of all Other storage woes, which were being caused by improperly deleted XAP files, so hopefully the answer to many of your prayers is near.

Michael: Seeing as GDR2 is in “Amber”, figured the Lumia 925 would have this “fix” too right? Well, sadly, the Lumia 925 shows that I have 6.02GB of “Other” storage. Either thats the standard amount, or something isn’t right here. (Or simply that the 1020 is on a newer version than the 925 I have been using.)

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