MyDreamNokia: Lumia 950 Mini

| July 27, 2013 | 19 Replies

1014149_295476633930473_2011562301_nOne of our readers shared their DreamNokia on our FB page, the Lumia 950 mini carries a 4.1″ screen (which is what passes for Mini nowadays) with a 720p screen. It seems to carry the same 8.7 Mp camera of the Lumia 920 but does away with the wireless charging in favor of a super light weight of 120 grams and an aluminum/polycarbonate body similar to the Lumia 925.


What do you guys think? is 4.1″ still to big for a “mini” phone?




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  • ZiiimZooon

    To me a “mini” smartphone should be max 3.9″ 🙂

    • swain

      Check out HTC One mini 🙂

  • marcev1

    The perfect Windows Phone from Nokia would be a bit like the BlackBerry Z10. Of course, with the same footprint as the Lumia 800.

  • Fz

    I’m ok with “mini” in the name of a 4.1″ screen device if it’s a smaller version of something else. Seeing 950 in it’s name I was originally expecting a qwerty slideout, a thinner “mini” version of the N950, maybe with WP in it. That would have been interesting, but this is ok too as an idea.

    Not much different from the existing, but if it has metal shell and was available in many colors, it would be an interesting alternative for the 925. Something like the N8 color selection.

  • I would make it as tall as the 820, but less wide. Like 124 x 64 mm with a 4.3 inch 720p AMOLED screen. 8GB or 16GB with micro-SD. Same design as the 820 but lighter material. Camera and other specifications as the 925. I would call it the 830 and release it this November with GD3 update.

    I guess a true mini Lumia would be the 620.

  • JGrove303

    Mini should be the same design, hardware and specs as its name sake, but with a smaller form factor and on turn, lighter weight. 925 Mini would be a 925 with a 3.9-4.1″ display and a battery to match performance. This is what the small handed folks are always clambering for. Not some mid range device, top tier and iPhone sized.

  • twig

    I would redo the N9/800 into 925 hardware Black/White and up specs to 925. Maybe thinner to make it lighter along with the materials. Call it Nokia Slim. Designed for those with tight pants with a strap for holding like the 1020 that is designed for female customers and one designed for male customers, making it easier to put out of the pocket. For females the sleeping screen could also turn into a mirror along with time.

    • twig

      Sorry, one tap to turn on mirror, two taps to watch phone up.

      • twig

        Wake phone up, sometimes auto correct.

        • “Wake phone up, sometimes auto correct.”

          Windows Phone auto-correct? 😀

        • KDageras

          And why should there be one designed for women and one disigned for men? Why label the designs as female and male, what good does that do?

  • richard

    If 4.1″ is what you call mini as today’s standard,then smaller than that will be called as micro-phones.

  • Dargelos

    Since they launched the 900 I’ve always thought that the fabula design doesn’t really work on phones in a larger form factor than the N9. It would be awesome if they made a mini version of the 920 successor with a 4″ screen. Right now the only phone I would consider is the 720, but since it’s hampered by its specs, I’m holding onto my N9 for now.

  • Dargelos

    Also, it wouldn’t hurt if Nokia focused their efforts on a smaller portfolio of phones. Things are starting to look like Symbianland all over again. Tons of phones, but no really good phones, designwise. What’s the point with making a 4,7″ phone with such a crappy screen resolution? And who really prefers a 620 or 820 over a dead-cheap iPhone 4? When the budget iPhone arrives Nokia will be smoked if they don’t bring their a-game with EVERY product.

    • torcida

      Cheap iPhone??
      1. It is not cheap, still
      2. Even the 620 has better specs

    • Zipa

      iPhone 4: 400 euros
      Lumia 620: 180 euros
      Lumia 820: 300 euros

      And the point of making a big screen with a small price tag is that there are millions and millions people looking to buy one.

  • Pepsiman

    Well.. Mini should be around the size of 620 IMO 🙂

  • Al

    I think this would go great in the 700 or 800 line.

  • smadpr

    Yes, please! I will snap that up in a minute. Also, I want angular sides like the one on L810 (and on this image) vs curved ones on 900,920,1020 etc. It does make a difference to me!