Nokia Promises All major iOS and Android Apps Are Coming, Only Question is When

| July 27, 2013 | 71 Replies

nokia-apps-hero-900x365-pngEngadget had a chance to sit down with Bryan Biniak, the general manager of app development at Nokia and asked the tough questions. Mainly when are we going to see the Android and iOS gap filled in WP? Bryan’s answer was interesting to say the least; where he mentioned that not a single major app developer they approached had said “no” instead all that matters is the “when” of the apps arrival to the platform.

We’re not having a single conversation with anybody, of any material application that’s out there, that isn’t going to be coming to the platform. It’s not a matter of if — I had those conversations, the “if” conversations, before — all of our conversations now are “when.”


Of course one of those major apps would have to be Instagram, which although the demand has been sated by the likes of instance metrogram and now even Oggl, it remains the most prominent app to hold out on the platform.

The other big name who is absent from WP would have to be Google, who for competitive reasons (under the pretence of there being no interest in WP) have barely released any apps at all (only Google search and the Youtube app with Microsoft), they’ve even abstained from creating a Google+ app (not that many people care 😛 ). When asked about Google’s stance towards developing for WP Bryan’s reply was:

They are doing themselves a disservice by not being on every screen.” He also used the big G as an example of a company that prefers web-based apps, whereas Nokia is pushing for native apps. “That will get resolved over time, but as consumer demand builds, they’re not going to have an option,” Biniak said. For clarity, we asked whether Google is actively discussing WP8 apps, to which Biniak replied, “yeah, absolutely.”

What I find most interesting about this, is the fact that once again it’s Nokia going the extra mile (or ten) to fill the WP app gap, while Microsoft does god knows what. (as far as I can think of, the new Halo is practically the only real big app Microsoft have created besides the social apps).




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  • Patata
    • GordonH


      And why isn’t mynokiablog reporting on this serious article.

      • Janne

        Why do you care? You don’t care about Lumia.

        • jiipee

          Maybe he cares about Nokia and wants the best for the company so that it keeps innovating also in the future?

          • Janne

            Sure, that’s the ticket…

            Come on.

      • Rich G

        They won’t post articles that mention Android…

    • Janne

      I think it is great Nokia is pushing MS and everybody. Nokia taking leadership.

      As a Nokia fan, that makes me happy. Nokia is very active.

      Of course MS needs to do more. They do plenty, but they need to so more.

      It is good they are being pushed by all and sundry.

      • jiipee

        It is good, if it has an effect. Maybe Elop should mention Android twice in a positive manner and things would start to happen.

        Looking at the strategic priorities og zMS as a whole and considering the major change in their organization, it might take a while.

        • Janne

          A little salt on that FUD?

          It sounds awfully like you think Microsoft’s isn’t doing anything really. Nor will it any time soon. We know that’s not true.

          Reality will, of course, prove you wrong.

          Truth hardly ever lives in the extremes.

          • Bloob

            I’m guessing that when you manage to combine the words FUD and mediocre in a sentence, this site will implode.

            • Janne

              Give me time, give me time…

      • n8thebest

        Yes, what Nokia is doing is amazing. They’re also fixing many of the limitations of Windows Phone with their own modifications and customizations like the Nokia Apps.

    • Mariano

      Nokia is doing the job and the other WP brands takes benefits for free

      • What “other WP brands”? There’s practically only Nokia doing WP. If others getmore popular with WP, we’ll just be seeing more Lumia exclusives.

    • n8thebest

      Ali, in terms of “when” it says so in this article. The Engadget interview is actually quite disappointing, it’s not as informative as the interview Biniak had with other press sources, the interview being sourced in this above link.

      Biniak says that most of the “major” apps will come to the Windows Phone Store at the end of the year, or worst case next March.

    • Pepsiman

      Nokia realized it long time ago, have you seen those Nokia version apps like AccuWeather etc?

  • manu

    The point is not in app count but Windowsphone hadn’t reached a point when an app is launched there is a version for it also.whatever new app is launched its for ios and android

    • Patata

      Indeed. We can’t say that Windows Phone has established itself as 3rd ecosystem until developers actually see WP as one of the platforms they need to release their new apps for. Here in Germany for example the DB AG has a Touch & Travel app available for iOS, Android and even Symbian, but not for WP yet…

    • Viipottaja

      And that will continue for a good while. But not sure a small delay matters that much, as long as the apps also do come to WP; I don’t most people keep track of when exactly each app comes.

      • Patata

        But many people won’t realize that a wp version of an app even exists as long as its developer / publisher won’t advertise it. Most of these apps are ports made that MS / Nokia have asked / paid its developer to release them. Often they don’t even get the same support / frequent update that the iOS / Android versions get, and the ads for those apps only advertise the iOS / Android versions (in most cases cause there simply isn’t a WP version on release of an app)

        • viipottaja

          If an app exists, the developer probably uses the same ad to advertise it for all platforms.

          Also, I have plenty updates for the apps I have.

    • DesR85

      I noticed this as well even among the app developers/publishers which publish apps in Malaysia. There was a LINE advert on air a while ago and it only show the App Store and Google Play at the end even though a WP version is available.

      I also noticed the same case with Singapore’s Channel News Asia website where it list down App Store and Google Play only despite also developing an app for WP (rarely updated, btw).

      The only time I saw WP Marketplace mentioned alongside App Store and Google Play was one app (can’t recall the name) which was mentioned on BBC’s Click, despite accusations, among certain quarters, of BBC being Apple-biased.

    • Bloob

      That, and imo there also needs to be exclusive apps / content on WP to make it compete. iOS has plenty of high quality iOS-only -content, Android has a little less, but still much more than WP.

  • Janne

    Windows Phone is already the third viable alternative, it will just take a while for those last holdouts to get their stuff together and on the Store. We are witnessing the winds of change people.

    • GordonH

      “Windows Phone is already the third viable alternative”

      Repeating this sentence doesn’t exactly make it real.

      • viipottaja

        Nor does you saying it is not real make not real. WP is the 3rd alternative. Of course eg bb may rise again but right now it seems wp is on distant 3rd spot and growing at a reasonable pace.

      • Janne

        You are right. It is irrelevant what I say.

        I’m irrelevant. Luckily WP isn’t. It is the third alternative, clearly.

        • spacemodel

          Do you have a mirror at home, Janne?

          • Janne

            I think so, yes.

  • JGrove303

    Having every single review site and blog howl at how much they like the 1020 will definitely help devs get on with it.

  • Sefriol

    I think apps will start to come when Microsoft shows real dedication to the platform. It needs serious updates to be top notch choice for smartphone users.

    With the success of 520/521 people will slowly move to higher end, but without serious dedication from Microsoft, that might never come.

    • Pathetic

      the reason why people are buying phones 520/521 is to test the platform, and I’m more than sure that they do not return to buy a phone with windows phone, you have to understand that windows phone is not up to Android iOS or BB 10, people are buying just for being Nokia, but that is over soon, people are realizing that WP is rubbish, and the best promotion that a product can have is consumer to consumer, and let me tell you, consumers are disgusted by WP, each friend or family member who purchased a WP, only said negative things about WP, I see no future in windows phone

      • Viipottaja

        You need to get some new friends. Your family… well, they are stuck with you. 😉

        Sorry, could not resist.. I am sure your friends and family are both wonderful groups of people.

        The _fact_ remains that consumer satisfaction surveys put WP very close to or on par with iOS.

        • n8thebest

          Above iOS in many cases actually. Many customer surveys show Windows Phone at the top of satisfaction in terms of smartphone OSes.

        • Pathetic

          doyl you still believe in these surveys paid by Microsoft? every person I know who has or had one talk shit of the system, ALL without exception, from problems where the system freezes and you have to restart, to hardware problems, restrictions, lack of features, application failures, boredom, zero customization, I’m sorry but you have said here, windows has to improve because it sucks, its a complete shiiit

          • ZiPA

            Well, at least your nickname does justice to you.

      • Random Random

        Just like they bought Symbian phones?

        People used to buy those low end Symbian phones in 2010 because they were testing out the platform.

        Most Symbian phones sold in 2010 were low end models.

        • Pathetic

          2010: Nokia the leader, number one, millions and millions of phones sold, Nokia 38 % market share,
          2013: Nokia the clown, Nokia giving grief, Nokia shattered, Nokia coock suucking Microsoft diiii (sound of censure, XD lol), Nokia with loss after loss, Nokia 3% market share, please not compare the past that may be painful for you

          • Random Random

            In 2010 Nokia had a market share of 5% in phones with a capacitive screen.

            In 2010 Nokia shipped only 5 million high end phones.

            In 2010 Nokia didn’t ship modern smartphones. They had a 0% market share on those.

  • Viipottaja

    “What I find most interesting about this, is the fact that once again it’s Nokia going the extra mile (or ten) to fill the WP app gap, while Microsoft does god knows what”

    Ok, so what is this based on again? Sure, they should do more [AND BEFORE SOME NITWIT RESPONDS, READ AGAIN WHAT I JUST SAID – YES THEY SHOULD DO MORE]. But, it is not like they are or haven’t done anything. They are working together with Nokia on this. MS has had several developer incentives, has worked with several developers directly, including recent ones that reportedly can pay fairly significant amounts to developers, have put out themselves the Facebook app, Youtube app, Fresh Paint, Wordament, Halo etc. They together with Nokia have invested e.g. in the facility in Turku. You think it was only Nokia and developers on interest that made the app count go from 6000 to 165000? Of course not, MS contributed to that as well (as they did to it not growing even more).

    • Janne

      Stop it. Don’t confuse reason and information with the FUD-fest people are having here.

      • Viipottaja

        Just got ticked by it being Ali. 🙂 He should know better.

    • Patata

      If a someone like Joe Belfiore sates, that Microsoft was unable to deliver more features, cause they where concentration on support for new devices, even a blind person should be able to see that something goes really wrong on MS and WP.
      If supporting new devices is reason enough to halt feature development, this means that there will probably never any new features, cause there will be always new devices that MS needs to get supported. We are talking about MS, a software giant, not a small 3 guy dev Team. So why on earth they can’t manage to do more than one thing at once?

      • Viipottaja

        First, I guess you did not read the bit where I suggested that… people read again what I said. So read again. 😉

        Second, Belfiore never said they halted feature development, only that “A __lot__ [AKA NOT ALL] of the work in GDR2 was around enabling new devices”

  • ogor

    i really like to have ppsspp and filemanager in wp8

  • xd

    i really like swipe instead of that ugly metro and tiles, swipe is so nokiaish!

  • jolla > nokia

    i also want ALL IT TAKES IS SWIPE instead of more useless apps. it is time for Nokia to change the looks of OS UI/UX. IOS7 shows the trend.

    • Viipottaja

      There is plenty of swiping in WP already, and I would expect a couple of more instances of it to be added with GDR3 and Blue.

      Btw, are there any news on Jolla’s device and/or any new OS/UI or apps announcements?

      • dhdh

        swipe is about swipe from edge to exit an app to the homescreen. hence the need to remove the physical home button. 1020 can have larger than 4.5 inches screen size if nokia N9 like swipe on the same lumia 1020 body size. it is the first impression that matters to the most customers.

        btw jolla will announce more details closer to the shipping of their first jolla phone

        • Viipottaja

          Yes, I know what N9 swiping was about (actually saw pics of it in action way before the announcement) 🙂

          btw, at certain screen sizes of the N9 UI paradigm may not work quite as well anymore.

          • Janne

            Actually N9 swipe was not about that at all. Close by swipe was optional.

        • Random Random


          N9’s implementation of removing the home button made it more difficult to use compared to the the best, like the iPhone.

          In the end Nokia had to use physical button with the Asha phones.

          • derek

            Have you ever extensively used the N9? I wish all phones had swipe.

            • Random Random

              Have you ever seen people or perhaps very you people (kids) use iPhone and N9?

              • Sammy

                It had virtually no distribution, so no, not many kids are going to be exposed to it to draw a conclusive answer one way or the other. Certainly was far more intuitive to me, having actually used both heavily, unlike you.

                • Random Random

                  That probably means you haven’t seen kids using N9 for the first time.

                  Yes, it’s much harder for them compared to iPhone.

                  • Sammy

                    Funnily enough I have, but my point was that it’s nowhere near as ubiquitous as the iOS UX paradigm.
                    That in itself has a BIG impact on how readily familiar a UX is, culture & shared knowledge/experience influences how readily graspable a UX is.
                    How inherently intuitive a UX is, is just 1 factor, although certainly 1 of the most important.

    • Zipa

      Swipe was a gimmick. Nobody cares (well, nobody in their right mind) about *how* you do something (as long as it is not hideously complicated), it’s all about *what* you can do.

      Raving about “swipe to close” is like saying that it is soooo much better to close an application by clicking on a red circle in the top-left corner of the window as opposed to clicking on a red square in the top-right corner. I don’t care if I can exit to homescreen by swiping from the edge of the app, if the app I wan’t to run doesn’t exist in the first place.

      While N9 had it’s merits, and I’m sad that it never got a chance, I’m definitely not missing it because of “swipe to close”.

  • v.s.i

    Really, the whole WP situation is just a matter of not listening to what people say they want and implementing it… it’s not like there aren’t 2000 UI concepts or feature requests floating around on the web. But as long as MS remains arrogant and continues to think they know better what the client wants, other OSes will continue to reign. 😪 😣

  • derek

    This big push by Nokia for apps and feature updates has me wondering how good Symbian and Meego could of done with this kinda support. Me thinks Nokia should go back to making their own SW. And before anyone says I’m a troll my current phone is the Lumia 822.

    • Viipottaja

      Well, Nokia did put a lot of effort to Symbian app development but unfortunately it never really took off,

      • Derek

        Nokia launched and killed off the most promising devices. In the later stages of Symbian I never saw a push like they are doing now. Heck, here in USA the n9 wasn’t even offered and the 808 was only offered by amazon. As it stands now Nokia makes hardware and a few apps, imagine if they made sw again… Swipe, sleeping screen, no “other memory” issues, bt 4.0, file manager, full email attachment support, etc

  • I don’t think Microsoft cares about wp passionately enough. Nokia shouldn’t be working this hard only for Microsoft to benefit. But I think Microsoft realizes that Nokia has no other choice cause that’s their only platform

    • Janne

      Nokia works this hard for Nokia’s benefit.

      Who knew.

      I did.

  • dhdh

    capacitive button is not good for gaming. users accidentally touch it while playing game on their luminary phone

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  • xd

    lumia has started copying the double tap to wake screen from n9, it is just shame that the most important and beautiful swipe to homescreen is implemented in lumia, i think it has sth to do with ms

  • Shane