Nokia Promises All major iOS and Android Apps Are Coming, Only Question is When

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nokia-apps-hero-900x365-pngEngadget had a chance to sit down with Bryan Biniak, the general manager of app development at Nokia and asked the tough questions. Mainly when are we going to see the Android and iOS gap filled in WP? Bryan’s answer was interesting to say the least; where he mentioned that not a single major app developer they approached had said “no” instead all that matters is the “when” of the apps arrival to the platform.

We’re not having a single conversation with anybody, of any material application that’s out there, that isn’t going to be coming to the platform. It’s not a matter of if — I had those conversations, the “if” conversations, before — all of our conversations now are “when.”

Of course one of those major apps would have to be Instagram, which although the demand has been sated by the likes of instance metrogram and now even Oggl, it remains the most prominent app to hold out on the platform.

The other big name who is absent from WP would have to be Google, who for competitive reasons (under the pretence of there being no interest in WP) have barely released any apps at all (only Google search and the Youtube app with Microsoft), they’ve even abstained from creating a Google+ app (not that many people care 😛 ). When asked about Google’s stance towards developing for WP Bryan’s reply was:

They are doing themselves a disservice by not being on every screen.” He also used the big G as an example of a company that prefers web-based apps, whereas Nokia is pushing for native apps. “That will get resolved over time, but as consumer demand builds, they’re not going to have an option,” Biniak said. For clarity, we asked whether Google is actively discussing WP8 apps, to which Biniak replied, “yeah, absolutely.”

What I find most interesting about this, is the fact that once again it’s Nokia going the extra mile (or ten) to fill the WP app gap, while Microsoft does god knows what. (as far as I can think of, the new Halo is practically the only real big app Microsoft have created besides the social apps).




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