Nokia RX-114 Quad Core Tablet, Running Adreno 330/Snapdragon 800 Appears in Benchmarks

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There have been plenty of rumors pointing at a Nokia tablet launch later this year (most probably Nokia world); well those rumors might need a little less salt as of today. A Nokia RX-114 appeared on the benchmark site “GFXBench” wielding a might Adreno 330 GPU/ Snapdragon 800 alongside a quad core processor running Windows of course (I can’t seem to find anything proving it’s RT but the source claims it is; but I hope to god it’s not  Edit: I totally missed the fact that an ARM processor means it’s running RT, I guess my fears are confirmed. ).


The device will probably have the same resolution as the Surface (920×1080) which should slate it as 10″?

So what do you guys think? Would you want a Nokia tablet even if it ran RT? The sad truth is that I probably would.



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  • prashant

    Only thing that can make this tablet into a 1080p device is the screen panel size as the cpu listed is quadcore and gpu is quite powerful, but as windows RT requires slight heavy computing than a normal windows phone device. So it will not be a 1080p device and if they do so then battery will become a problem.

    I bet this is a prototype device that has came into mere existence but the real device will be lot more different and better than this RX-114.

  • Its nice how the model number of this device pays homeage to Nokia’s previous tablets. For eg. the N900 was RX-51X or something similar.

    I think its too much to ask that in addition to carrying Windows Phone Nokia would take on carrying Windows RT as well. I hope that Nokia is only testing the possibilities, or then they have a killer feature on board the tablet.

    How do the rumours about imaging and a Nokia tablet fit with the information we have here? Maybe its a complementary device you’re supposed to unload your images from your L1020 from.

  • Janne

    First generation Windows RT certainly failed.

    It is not a bad idea necessarily, but the “Metro” Windows ecosystem just wasn’t ripe for it. I have considered it more of an irrelevant ARM hedgebet for now than anything else. Of course, entering WP RT 8.1, things might get better.

    As for Surface RT selling, I have always wondered how much that actually is a signal that Microsoft branded hardware is not very appealing on the market. There is this prevalent myth that Microsoft releasing their own hardware will kill Nokia’s chances. But is that just a myth? Might a Nokia Windows RT tablet fare better? Maybe?

    Still, I think a Windows 8(.1) tablet from Nokia would be the best for me personally, but of course would push Nokia into the Intel computer-maker category and thus they might feel less synergies with their smartphone business. RT would certainly fit better with smartphones, but I worry how it might perform.

    P.S. Is there a Nokia World this year? I doubt it. I’d expect separate launch event.

    • Noki

      Humm but they are having profits on the non RT version of the surface, maybe just maybe it’s RT that sucks.

      Yeah software matters.

      #surface pro would sell just as well if not better with windows 7, its a fantastic piece of hardware.

    • Bloob

      RT was priced about 20-30% too high at launch to be able to compete in any way. Now it is actually relatively competitive, but still more expensive than Android counterparts, while not doing more.

  • JGrove303

    I thought RT was basically the Start Screen front end that runs in a VM on Windows 8.

    I didn’t know it actually had desk top too.

    Whatever. We just got a Sony Vaio S Series running W8. I don’t see what anyone is really bitching about the Start Screen. Pretty sweet of you ask me. Clearly meant for touch panels, but perfectly usable with mouse/touchpad.

    I would definitely get a Nokia RT Tablet. And it should be more powerful than my phone, even if it is just to compensate for the display.

  • Otto

    I sincerely doubt Nokia’s chances in Tablets. Having a brand in phones does not guarantee success in Tablets. Samsung does not work as an example as Samsung does PC’s, laptops, TV’s AND phones.

    I’m considering Surface RT and don’t see any reason to wait for Nokia tablet. They need some killer HW trick that makes Lumia Tab (or whatever it will be named) better than competition and at same time cannot be copied by others.

  • manu

    if they launch an affordable tablet it will do well like lumia 520

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  • Andrekua

    Poor Nokia…

    It really does not matter which soc you had if its running Windows RT.

    Who can hack it to run Android?

  • Omar

    What is wrong with RT

    • Pathetic


    • b4b4.4l1

      Windows 8 RT is one the biggest joke from Microsoft.

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  • The Game

    give me 2

  • hosny santos

    very good, nokia is in the game again, congratulations.

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