Why we LOVE Nokia…explained in a 2:05 minute video.

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Nokia Love

Dear MNB Readers,

Some of us LOVE Nokia…some of us LIKE Nokia…some of us may even be secretly loving them from AFAR (aka, using another OS or non Nokia phone) while there are others that simply HATE Nokia. I LOVE Nokia products. Just for a moment, let us put aside the current situations and happenings in the Smartphone world. Think back…to that moment that made you feel, in your heart or in your mind, that you love Nokia, their devices, their services (N-Gage 2.0 had so much potential), the Nokia experience. Just for a moment, think back on the experience that you had that made you say “WOW, this Nokia is amazing!!!” Think back to the moment that made you firmly believe that regardless of what Nokia device you bought, you had the assurance that it would be better than any other phone.

I want to focus on those of us that LOVE Nokia. WHY do you love Nokia? I could say a lot of reasons why I LOVE Nokia (not a Biased love because I will call Nokia out when they are not delivering and I will give respect to the competition when they ARE delivering) but I will let this 2:05 minute video tell why I and presumably a LOT of you have loved Nokia at some point in your life.

YouTube Link:

See, for a lot of us, our personal experience with Nokia devices planted an emotion in our heart and a thought in our mind that any other phone/smartphone, all of the competition would be battling for 2nd place: 2nd place in Audio, 2nd place in Video, 2nd place in Gaming, 2nd place in Screen Technology (Nokia was using 16 Million colors before the competition), 2nd place in Build Quality, 2nd place in Connectivity, 2nd place in Web Browsing, 2nd place in Mapping, 2nd place in Customer Service, 2nd place in Design and, 2nd place in Call Quality/Reception, 2nd place in delivering on their promises.

I dare to say, that for many of us who have been using cell phones and smartphones for the last decade,  Nokia brought us our first experiences with certain technologies (even if they were not the first to make feature X), many experiences and MANY 1st place finishes that were better than what was comparatively available at the time. In no specific order and in any given generation, at ONE POINT IN CELLPHONE HISTORY, the BEST mobile experiences could only be found on a Nokia device (usually an expensive Nseries), even if it wasn’t all in the same device or generation.

N-Gage 2.0

I have also noticed that almost ALL of the internet trolls that bash Nokia at every opportunity, never experienced Nokia when they were #1 in almost everything. Most trolls have started using smartphones in the last few years, most even well after the iPhone, HTC G1 and Nokia N97 and they simply don’t have an OUNCE of love in their heart for Nokia. They also cannot relate, remember or have any experience with the iPhone when it didn’t have an App Store at all, when it couldn’t do Copy and Paste, could NOT send a MMS and when Android phones had screens with only 65k colors, could NOT record Video AT ALL and the best games on Android Market were games such as Tic-Tac-Toe…..made by an unknown developer..usually by 1 guy or girl…..with crude 2D graphics and 8-bit mono sound. They never experienced any of the great things that WERE (not just could be) done at the remarkable high level of quality that Nokia provided in the SAME POINT IN HISTORY. By the time many of the current smartphone users got into the Smartphone arena, it was Nokia that was battling for 2nd in many, most and sometimes ALL areas. So, they have no love for Nokia. I understand that. Nokia never earned their Love nor their respect (especially with the media’s blasting around the same time they began using smartphones)

I started out by saying that I wanted to focus on those of us that LOVE Nokia. Let’s be clear, ALL comments are welcome but I would really like to hear from anyone that would take the time to share what is it that captivated you about Nokia? What caused you to make up your mind and say, “Not only do I own a Nokia device now, my next phone will be a Nokia and then I am going to tell my friends about Nokia so they can buy a Nokia device!”. Those of us who troll, hate, dislike Nokia, feel free to comment too…….who knows, Nokia may have broken your heart, maybe you LOVED Nokia at some point and it just didn’t work out. At MNB, we welcome all respectful comments and who knows… day, you may just see an article titled “Why some of us HATE Nokia!” Yes, at MyNokiaBlog, we are fair like that. 🙂

For those of us that Love Nokia, that 2:05 minute video was great and brought back a lot of fond memories. Because of those memories…here it is again…saving you time from having to scroll back up just to see it again. 🙂

YouTube Link:

I can’t be the only person with a fond memory of Nokia…etched in my mind and as the song said…in my heart. What is your story? Let us know in the comments section below.

Have a great day everyone and as always, thank you for choosing MyNokiaBlog,




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