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Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to be on the beta of an app called TweeCoMinder. As an avid tweeter, this was a pretty cool app to have. What the app does, is tracks your tweet count and will notify you when you are close to a certain count. For example, some people like to tweet that they have 10,000 tweets. This app will help you make sure you don’t miss that special moment!


A live tile keeps you updated with your tweet counts. You can customise the “special count” to be notified about, how many tweets away from the count the notifications should start, sharing your count etc. The app is REALLY good at staying in-sync with the tweet count displayed on Twitter, however, if it falls behind, you can manually sync it (just in case).

Its a basic idea, yet something I find myself using a fair bit! There are a fair few new features that are in the works, but I can’t discuss them yet – I will say though, I like the ideas!

"Sigh! I missed my xxxxth tweet!"

We often read this on our timeline, no matter if developer, user or tech guru.

We decided to do something against this: TweeCoMinder is our solution.

If you are looking for a convenient way to maintain your tweet count, this app is for you!

We are maintaining your tweet count with our cloud server, which updates your live tile as well as informs you at a certain point via toast notification.

Trial mode lets you test the app for 5 days. After that point, the app stops working.

Get it on the store now!


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