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The beta for 6tagram, Rudy Huyn’s Instagram client finally went live, and we are fortunate enough to be on the beta list. I’ve quickly put together a little hands-on look at the first release and hot damn is it promising! Besides the fact it looks good, it is pretty much 1-1 with Instagram on iOS and Android both feature wise, and user experience wise.


I’ve been a fan of Instance from Day 1, but sadly Daniel Gary never implemented the activity log fully. On Android and iOS, you can see what people you follow are up to, eg. which photos they like, who they follow etc. 6stagram has this functionality! Not only that, he has implemented Photo Map, which is essentially just geo-tagging your images, useful for those like myself who upload images from their holiday to Instagram. Rudy has also implemented “semantic zoom” which allows a user to go from the card-based feed view like above, to a grid layout, both in “popular” images, and the main feed. In a user’s feed, you get shown a grid, but selecting an image will transform it into a card-based view.





Video is supported, both viewing and uploading. From what we’ve heard, 6tagram will be free, however an in-app purchase will be needed to unlock video uploading. I think that is fairly reasonable seeing as the encoding needs to take place on an external server before uploading which Rudy is having to pay for. (Instagram have their own server, but since this isn’t official it doesn’t have access obviously.)


The fact that Rudy is in talks with Instagram/Facebook to ensure that a whole bunch of legal stuff (and I think experience quality) is all up to scratch is a real testament to this dev. I mean, they even want in on beta testing! (In saying that, Instance did too so let’s be fair here.)

Without further adieu, take a look at the video below (its not the best – was rather rushed and filmed on my Z10 which is average at best) and some screenshots.

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