Whatsapp for WIndows Phone Updated With Voice Chat

| August 7, 2013 | 18 Replies


Whatsapp for WIndows Phone has just received a feature update (surprisingly it doesn’t require you to actually update the app itself), that allows you to send instant voice messages to your contacts. A new microphone option appears next to the text input that starts recording instantly and sends the message as soon as your done (no more “review audio” option). A big plus is the fact that it seems to be using the microphones properly, as previously when sending a recording through whatsapp I literally had to shout to get my voice to register.

To record a new voice chat simply press the mic button and keep it pressed till your recording is done, or swipe to the right to cancel the recording, plus now an added cool feature is the senders display pic showing up next to the attached message; pretty cool huh!?

wp_ss_20130807_0001Of course the usual “shows read messages” option is still there (but I don’t think it works in group messages of course):

All in all it’s a pretty sweet feature update, made even cooler by the fact that this update rolled out to WP the same day as iOS Android and BB Yay!

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