Nokia N9’s double tap to wake swiped by LG G2 as ‘knock knock’

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Firefox demoed on the Nokia N9(6)

I wasn’t sure I was going to bother highlighting this when I saw demo vids yesterday but since everyone writing about it has forgotten where this original innovation has come from, let’s point it out.

Nokia N9, it did that whole buttonless face thing which meant that instead of using the unlock button you could double tap to wake it up. Could Nokia patent such a gesture? Apparently not. Swipe UI is patented but I don’t know if that’s strictly part of it.

Along with Nokia N9’s, Nokia’s Lumia series with the Amber update have that feature (along with always on screen…when will Android steal that).

Here’s what GSMArena said:

As customary for Android flagships, the LG G2 offers several proprietary features to differentiate. You can double tap on the screen to wake it up


To power up the LG G2 when it is laying on its back, the company has incorporated Knock Knock, a double-tap gesture that powers the phone up from sleep, and can turn the screen back off again

I think it might have actually been reader, ‘incognito’ that suggested the whole ‘knock knock’ thing with the N9 before as a funny joke and then the N9 would respond accordingly with some wallpaper or what have you (I forget the conversation).

Infra-red ports of old Nokias seem to be the hottest thing on the block too :/.

Interestingly, a bit like how the N9 did button free face, the LG does the whole button free sides with buttons at the back where the camera is situated. I kinda like the slim bezel at the sides. The camera also has OIS, first introduced in the 920.

Come on MS! Hurry up with WP! Go steal features if you must! Bring the basics we ask for. Just hurry up and bring something to the table!

Cheers Nuki for the tip



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