WP8 GDR3 Specifically designed for Nokia Lumia Phablet? [Instagram app ready]

| August 9, 2013 | 54 Replies

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Not sure if this is in reference particularly to a Nokia phablet or phablet with WP in general but Tom Warren from TheVerge tweetsm “So Nokia is definitely working on a “phablet.” I don’t know the full details, but Windows Phone 8 GDR3 is specifically designed for it.”

The GDR3 features list seems to be not the most extensive, especially given it’s a year since WP8 was announced.

To add to this, Tom has some more info at TheVerge

  • Text message syncing to PC
  • Microsoft is aiming to finalize the GDR3 update in mid-September in time for a new large-screen Nokia device announcement
  • New devices first, then rolling out as an update to existing devices at the end of the year.
  • WP8 Blue (8.1) early 2014 (feels like Symbian’S pr2.0 early into the next year fiasco)

Also, not to mention the I thing (not apple) but Instagram…but Tom Warren confirms what was mentioned in an earlier Reddit thread (source of the first post)

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I’m too annoyed at Microsoft to reiterate the list of things WP8 is missing.

At the start, the pace of development seemed much quicker. I’m hoping it’s more to do with the shut up and ship thing rather than MS shut up we have nothing.


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