NaviFirm+ 2.0 Released – Allows Firmware Downloads Once Again

| August 15, 2013 | 18 Replies

To any Symbian, Maemo or MeeGo-Harmattan user, NaviFirm was the best tool, for being able to install updated firmware for your Nokia device. Lumia owners then got to join in briefly, until the service was pulled earlier this year, when Nokia did some server side encryption and what not.

It seems, thanks to some rather persistent folk, the service has been restored, and is available in the form of NaviFirm + 2.0. The download is free, yet to use it, you need to donate a small amount (3 Euros), which will give you an account.


NaviFirm+ 2.0 Change-Log:
– New: NaviFirm+ automatically downloads and installs new updates
– New: Engine Rewritten from scratch
– New: Favourites Product Codes list
– Improved: trasfer speed! network communication is gzip-compressed
– Improved: caching policy is handled by the server, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the cache to get fresh results
– Improved: refuses to add duplicated files to the download queue
– Improved: minor GUI improvements
– Removed: ShowExtendedInfo and ServerIndex settings
– Known Issues: doesn’t support proxy. Proxy support will be added in next releases.

Source: Symbian Toys via: WMPowerUser

Cheers msullx for the tip!


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  • Mariano

    We are back!! 😀

  • I don’t have a paypal account and I can’t make a new one because it rejects my credit card… DAAMMMNNN.

    • Keith

      I just donated some moolahs to get a NaviFirm+ account. I got an email with the info for the account login but it literally has nothing for the login credentials. It just says this:


      So yeah. I emailed the guy. Hopefully, He will reply and solve this issue and get me an account.

      • Keith

        Ok. I got a reply from him with the credentials. It’s all good now

  • Mariano

    Oh no.. you have the risk being banned :S

  • Carl

    Hey, before making a donation I just want to make sure that I will be able to download Amber ROM for Lumia 920 APAc Phil white CV. It’s RM-821. Thanks.

    • You should be able. I could be wrong (let’s hope I’m not 😉 ).

      • Carl

        Please tell me I WILL be. I just don’t want 3 Euros going to waster. (it’s a small amount I know)

  • allawi

    Does navifirm has all lumia models?

  • anon2

    smells fishy

  • Name ( required )

    Nice DRM! They should have at least let us download the list of available stuff. 3 euros admittedly ain’t that bad, but I’d rather not waste even that much if what I’m looking for isn’t there.

  • Bobbi

    Hey! Can someone tell me whether I could install a firmware on my C5 (5MP version) using this program? I’ve bought one from Germany and unfortunately it doesn’t have my native language installed.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Bobbi, This program is only capable to download original firmware files. If you want to re install/flash os on mobile, you need to use tools like JAF/Phoenix.

      • Bobbi


  • stylinred

    Thanks for the info!

  • moooo

    Ohhhn time for some cooking for my Nokia N8,Soon to be N900 and 808 :3 woot i guess they can see the butt hurt with Lumia……

  • NokiaFan

    This made my week. Time to start flashing 😀

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