Infographic: App Store Comparisons WP Vs. Android Vs. iOS

| August 28, 2013 | 37 Replies

e1f251f3116be8be520c2a2ca37a6443Here’s a pretty sweet inforgraphic showing a comparison of the health and activity on each of the three big app stores. Notably iOS is still in the lead with over 600K apps, with Android heating up behind them with >480K; and WP a ways behind with 156K. However on Windows Phone the average publisher has 5 apps to his name, something that may or may not be a good sign; for example Rudy Huyn developer of 6Sec, 6tag Wikipedia, 9Gag and more has about 5 in his name; on the other hand the BB 10’s stores biggest woe is the fact that 1/3rd of the market place is owned by a single developer! Which flooded the store with crap apps.


Another slightly misleading, yet interesting figure is the number of “dead applications”; at first I thought this referred to the percentage of apps with close to zero downloads, instead it’s the number of apps with less than 10 reviews and zero version updates. In this aspect WP is in the lead with 69% of the store being “dead app”, followed closely by iOS with 65%.

It truly is an interesting infographic check it out below (full size link)

Thanks everyone who sent this in.



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  • gerald

    I’ve got all apps I need on Android and most of them are free. Android just keeps getting better and growing bigger at the fastest rate. There is no way Windows Phone can ever catch up. Nokia is so incompetetive nowadays.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Android is the Justin Bieber of mobile phones.

      • gerald

        Android is actually the OS that Nokia should be running because, 1.) it’s the new Symbian. Current Android users are former Symbian users who jumped ship and got accustomed to the OS very easily because it resembles Symbian so much, and never looked back. 2.) It’s the true mobile counterpart of Windows, not WP. Versatile and truly hardware independent unlike WP which is a cheap knockoff of iOS. Android caters for everyone from the ubergeeks down to the technologically iliterates while WP seems like a dumbphone OS.

        • shallow ocean shoal

          How long does it take for the new Symbian to become the old Symbian?

          • Kasi Viswanath

            Probably 10 years?

            • shallow ocean shoal

              And how old is Android already? Subtract that out from your estimate.

        • tony

          You r right! Windows pc OS is just so in dependant that android can be compared to it ……customisable yet versatile and always dependable.

          mac os is beautiful functional heavily restrictive like old printers which work with snow leopard will NOT work with lion/mountain lion(wtf)

          same is happening to windows phone and i wonder why nokia is bowing to this arrogance or stupidity…..there r so many apps which are windows 8 only. So r those ppl fools who were keeping nokia and windows phone alive back in the preWP8 era??? Y not give them the gratitude they deserve but NO…..

          the hardware on my 920 is so capable that it can run windows 7 full desktop version with a decent 1280×768 res, so what stops Microsoft from releasing the flexibility…..their arrogance!!!

          its just foolish to discontinue Symbian and also to launch and iOS like experience when iPhones r still going strong(!)

          if nokia/microsoft is not aiming to reach as high as ANDROID i wonder what their efforts are for?

          i,firmly believe and request nokia to provide,users the flexibilty to dual boot wp8 with symbian/jolla/tizen/linux/mozilla or anything user feels.

          today u,buy a,vaio or mac book,they hav an os installed but the computer u buy is yours and u have the flexibility to install something,else….much like the custom roms in adroids. ……so i may suggest its not only wp8 a dumb os as,on today but also the,nokia/microsoft strategy as visible/effective today…..(just my thoughts n anguish)

        • Rob

          Gerald – do be quiet! You certainly don’t talk for all Symbian users.

          As a current 808 user I can tell you 100% my next phone WILL NOT be an Android, it will be a WP8. I use Android as my tablet and find it a pitiful knockoff of Symbian…no way I want that as my phone environment…I’d rather stick with my 808! I’m looking forward to moving to WP8 when the 1020 is available where I am…a different OS, not just a Symbian/iOS rubbish clone OS that Android is with its need for moar and moarrrrr cores and RAM just to be able to run kinda lagfree.

    • reason_blackout_XI

      Really, we’re beating the same dead horse again and again? Nokia is not allowed to use Android and Scamsung has 95% of Android profits. Now the Finns can claim almost complete ownership of WP, like the Koreans on Android’s side. The new Nokia is not the old Nokia, get over it.

      • Rob

        Exactly! Wish people would focus on the present rather than get stuck in a timewarp bleating eternal what-ifs about Nokia choosing Android. I’m glad they didn’t – I’m really happy seeing New Nokia develop and see them utilize WP to their benefit and be able to better align the different parts of the company to get the big ol’ girl turned around and fully productive again with their R&D efforts finally getting the chance they needed to shine!

  • Mariano

    The reason of the apps is because the closed API. Too much crappy apps

    • Mariano

      i mean dead apps

  • Chandan Singh

    69 % of wp store as compared to 65 % of ios store. LOL its much much higher. i always say no. of apps does not proof anything. how much apps are really people using or are really usable.

  • stylinred


    for a budding OS that seems like an agonizing high rate of dead apps

    • akse

      If you count WP 7.5 apps which aren’t getting so many updates anymore. My work phone WP 7.8 hardly ever has any updates to apps, but my wifes WP8 phone has them more frequently.

  • tom

    The numbers are wrong. Android has 1 million apps total and iOS has 900K by now. Looks like created by some WP fan.

    • akse

      Maybe they removed the wallpapers and ringtones from the Application figures.

      They shouldnt mix up media (ebooks, videos, music, ringtones, pictures, wallpapers) with applications

  • JGrove303

    Lets see how many apps have hardy, if ever, been downloaded. Let’s also see how many apps are hijacked and renamed.

  • Janne

    Yes, I take my words back on BB having the most successful app store on launch. Half of the apps there is made by two developers with probably automated tools, no wonder they got the numbers up so quickly. BB did get the biggest app count on launch, though, but with those crapps and also tens of thousands of lazy Android emulated apps, the quality is another question.

  • Paul

    The same numbers in another way:

    New apps per day relative to number of apps:
    iOS: 0.16%
    Andr: 0.23%
    WP: 0.18%

    Updated apps per day relative to number of apps:
    iOS: 0.13%
    Andr: 0.48%
    WP: 0.11%

    Approximation: Number of smartphone-users globally:
    Marketshare (aprox.):
    iOS: 18% (180,000,000 users)
    Andr: 78% (780,000,000 users)
    WP: 4% (40,000,000 users)

    New apps per day relative to number of users:
    iOS: 0.00054%
    Andr: 0.00014%
    WP: 0.00072%

    Updated apps per day relative to number of users:
    iOS: 0.00045%
    Andr: 0.00030%
    WP: 0.00045%

  • manu

    windowsphone store is as good as nokia store with a sh*t load of crap apps.

  • edi_opteron

    Ah, one hidden point. WP does NOT have the most dead apps with 69 percent! no.
    simple math.. iOS does have the biggest dead apps around.

    69% . 156,317 ( wp apps ) = 107,858 . these are wp dead apps

    65% . 617,436 ( iOS apps ) = 401,333 . these are iOS dead apps.

    So you see how ruthlessly bloggers want to destroy WP ” scientifically” .
    by the way Android has more dead apps than WP as well.
    I’m not a wp fanboy but I defend Nokia!

    • tony

      That is obvious to any intelligent person

  • gourav

    well in my opinion microsoft is stupid as well as nokia to adopt it….


    1) frankly saying microsoft as huge potensial,resources compare to andriod or apple but they r not using them in right direction…

    see der r 3 os from microsoft windows 8,windows rt,windows mobile/phone os 8……first why d hell dey wasted der time creating windows rt u fan guys must know…….they can merge both windows 8 desktop os with phone 8 where developers (which r few)must write only single code for both mobile platform as well as desktop platform so der work is reduced and obvsly apps problem is vanished boom..

    2)y d hell nokia is focusing more on camera camera camera camera camera camera camera camera camera camera(steve balmer style)u all must have answer….smartphones users/end users consider not only camera but dey have other things too camera is sumwhere 5/6 pirority for us .. finnish guys hope u r listng..!!

    3)design awsum..colours mind blowing but y all u r models r huge means interms of weight,size etc……try reduce weight and size we dont want bluk models..

    4)instead of focusing on releasing new lumia dumps/ranges or camera u can focus in making u r own processors/displays etc(like sammy) beacuse u have nothing to do except camera work/manufacturing same models in different size …

    u finnish/nokia is stpid one out der belivng dey will rule once agin with dat shit microsoft…..u dumped meego….u r so reliable to microsoft u even cant use another linux os…depending up on c#…because u r ceo stephen elop dont want risk infact scared about sammy hahahha…

    i just pitty up on u nokia but am not gonna buy u untill u come out from chaos and bulit great device which can leave in this world for atlest 2/3 yrs …………… proud owner of samsung galaxy s3 completed 1 yr still in love with it except samsung design dey used same design for all der models in market none is recognising my device am frustrated and am fed up with andriod robots dey r best awsum but andriod device price falls as fast as new device released by firm…..i brought s3 for 39500inr now it costs just 26000-27000inr where apple 4s is more costly 35000inr which releasd couple of yr ago ….so planning to shift apple/TIZEN next yr…YAH AM FROM INDIA AND FRUSTATED EX-NOKIA FAN UNTILL DEY DUMPED MEEGO FORGOT TO SAY HERE IN INDIA U R NO:4 POSITION IN SALES OF SMARTPHONE U LOST U R MARKET TO SAMMY BABBY NO:2 POSITION RULING BY LOCAL COMPANY MICROMAX….NO:1 dont guess obvsly its SAMMY according to IDC(international data corporation/collection)

    • Tony

      You just spoke the truth ….. the obvious irritation to the Nokia fans in India….. guess Microsoft and Nokia are turning a deaf ear to the fastest emerging smartphone market and In turn pushing off nirASHA devices

      • gourav

        Ha vohi tho dey r more concentrating on USA market but they forgoted India is huge compare to USA … day der sales figure will speak…not to worry..

  • Banderpop

    Considering lots of updates are just bug fixes, and a lot of reviews are complaints about bugs, a high ‘dead app’ percentage could be an indicator of a better development environment in the first place!

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  • Gloria

    So I read this article I think there need to be a better classification of dead applications. As a frequent user of App Store, I must disagree
    with their classifications of “dead applications” because there are apps so
    specific for a small group of people that there might not be enough people
    coming in and using that app. Not to mention that not all “functional” app (Google Play) are accessible to all android devices due to compatibility issues. And not to
    mention the 10-review-criteria did exclude all the comments on the app being crashed
    every time it was launched.

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