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As mentioned in the Nokia 625 Unboxing post, I also got my hands on the complete range of Coloud headsets courtesy of Nokia Music and Dean. So here’re a bunch of unboxing images and glamour shots (nothing worthy of a video to be honest, since the box is just plastic packaging). The Coloud are Nokia’s new range of low priced headsets, that carry the same Lumia colors (from the first gen = Cyan, Yellow, Magenta) with a polycarbonate body on the Boom and Knock (and the ear-piece of the Pops).

The whole range of Coloud headsets use the tangle free Zound Lasso, which allows the 3.5mm jack to double as a sort of twist tie to keep the cable from getting tangled (super awesome). DSC03549The Boom are the highest end of the Coloud spectrum, with the highest price tag, which is still extremely affordable at around €27. The Boom are also the largest set of the group, being of the “over ear” variety, meaning they “cup” your ears rather than rest on them.

The Boom has a metal bracing running through the headband and extending into the cups, so you get a sort of metal clicking noise when enlarging/shrinking them. Comfort wise, they’re pretty good and are nice to wear; definitely giving off a vibe that they’re worth more than  27 Euros. Although admittedly the cups do look a bit “large” when sitting on your head, not the hottest piece audio gear but it depends on your taste I assume.

*I love the little details, such as the writing of the “Coloud headphones” on the wire
DSC03629 DSC03631 DSC03632 DSC03634 DSC03635 DSC03636 DSC03637 DSC03642 DSC03643 DSC03644 DSC03645 DSC03648 DSC03649 DSC03651 DSC03652 DSC03655 DSC03656 DSC03657

The Knock comes halfway in the Nokia Coloud line, between The Boom and The Pop; they’re the On-ear variety, made completely out of polycarbonate/plastic, with soft spongy cups on the ear. Once again I loved the small details in the design, such as the Coloud logo where the two wires from each of the headphones cup wire’s meet; making it feel like a premium product.

The headband is made out of the same polycarbonate material as the cups, making the junction between them almost seamless, and the extension looks pretty smooth

Similar to the Boom The Knocks also have an inline mic with a single button (used for play/pause, skip forward, and skip back); unfortunately there is no volume rocker (unlike the Purity line of Nokia music gear). The Knocks retail at €22.DSC03628 DSC03660 DSC03661 DSC03662 DSC03663 DSC03664 DSC03666 DSC03667 DSC03668 DSC03670 DSC03674 DSC03676 DSC03677

Finally The Pops, which are the cheapest of the three priced at €18 and are of the in-ear variety. They have a nice durable wire running all the way down, which is actually quire heavy (heavier than the Purity In-ears in fact); with the same Coloud logo at the junction of the two wires (like the knocks). The color of the Pops isn’t exactly red (at least not the same exact red as the 920) it has a bit of magenta in it, depending on the angle the light hits it.

The Pops come with two pairs of replacement buds, to get the right fit for your ears, as well as the pair that are already on the headset once you take them out of the box. Once again the little details are present, such as the Coloud logo only on the right earpiece, to help you orient them quickly.


DSC03680 DSC03681 DSC03684 DSC03685 DSC03686 DSC03689 DSC03690 DSC03691

Note: You’ll notice that I didn’t mention anything about sound quality/clarity in this quick preview, that’s mainly because I honestly haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, plus I’m not the best judge of sound quality (not really an audiophile). 


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