Video & Gallery: Lumia 625 Rooftop Unboxing, and First Impressions

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DSC03440 Earlier today I was awakened (I’m still on vacation so I get to sleep in) by my mom dumping a bunch of packages on my bad, claiming my “toys had arrived”; I wasn’t expecting the Lumia 625 to arrive for a couple more days so I was pleasantly surprised. What surprised me more was the package of Coloud headphones fresh from the motherland (Finland) – but more on those in another post. For the Lumia 625 the folks at Nokia Connects challenged us to mix it up a bit, stating they were bored of regular unboxings and wanted something a bit different; as part of their movement to #FightBoredom. We gladly accepted the challenge, and I decided to brave the outdoors, leaving behind my comforts of a desk and lamp to head up to the rooftop and unbox it on the edge (literally). So check out the video below:

(thankfully neither I nor the phone tumbled to our demise).

First off I’d like to say that the Lumia 625’s 4.7″ screen is no longer “large” in the mentality of a smartphone geek, even though I once considered the 4.3″ of the 900 to be absurd. More importantly however is even though the 625 has a larger screen the footprint (so to speak) isn’t much larger, in fact it’s almost exactly the same size as the 920 (short of being a thinner and lighter). Second of all the photos below (and the video above) don’t do the color of the 625 any justice, the green is a vibrant “popping” color, the only way I can describe it would be to call it “highlighter green” with a nice fluorescence to it. DSC03543 The Lumia 625 is as the numbering scheme suggests, a mid-tier device; meaning it doesn’t have an HD screen to go with those 4.7 inches, instead it has a Wvga resolution (480p) similar to the 820 and everything below it. The larger screen size however means a slightly lower ppi, coming in at 201 ppi. The screen is Gorilla Glass 2 with a slight curvature 2.5D I believe, making it look and feel pretty darn awesome (in fact I like color reproduction on the screen more than that of the 920’s – the greys & blacks look a lot nicer – you can see the difference in the side by side image showing the MNB homepage below).DSC03546 In terms of design, the 625 follows the Lumia family looks, with the classic three button layout and the Windows Phone keys up front, however the 625’s side buttons (volume, screen lock and camera) actually match the color of the shell, rather than the contrast breaking black we’ve grown accustomed to; it’s a nice change. DSC03556 The back of the 625 is a user exchangeable shell made of polycarbonate (according to me internet research), the material is a matte finish with a high polish; meaning it has a nice bit of friction to keep it from slipping, but it also feels very smooth to the hand, the perfect shell. DSC03551 The 625 follows the 620 in being quite “round” the corners of the phone are round, the screen is rounded and even the back is rounded (not as much as the 920) but you can definitely feel the curvature along the back; and that’s a good thing. Once again Nokia have outdone themselves with the design, in terms of making a medium level device feel like a premium polished product.DSC03563 On the inside the 625 has a 2,000 M’ah battery, a 1.2 ghz dual core processor, Snapdragon S4, 512 mbs of ram and 8 Gbs of internal storage; plus a Micro SD slot capable of supporting up t 64 Gbs. Not bad eh?DSC03564 The Lumia 625 has a suggested retail price of 220 Euros before taxes and subsidies, which is a reasonable asking price, but more importantly it adds more variety to the Lumia range; and gives the Galaxy mega a run for its money. We’ll be sure to keep the 625 content coming with video samples, camera samples, comparisons and a whole lot more; but let us know down below if there’s something in particular you want to see.DSC03565 DSC03567 DSC03568 DSC03570 DSC03572 DSC03573 DSC03575 DSC03577 DSC03578 DSC03579 DSC03580 DSC03583 DSC03585 DSC03586 DSC03587 DSC03589 DSC03590 DSC03591 DSC03592 DSC03595 DSC03596 DSC03597 DSC03607 DSC03623


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