Ballmer Announces “Shorter” Naming Scheme for Nokia Lumias

| September 3, 2013 | 84 Replies

DSC01507There’s still a lot of confusion regarding the future naming scheme for Nokia devices under Microsoft management, seeing how Nokia retained their own name; but gave Microsoft “Asha” and “Lumia”. Well Ballmer has just announced that he plans on shortening the naming scheme:

“We can probably do better for a consumer name than the “Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 1020,” and yet, because of where both companies are, and the independent nature of the businesses, we haven’t been able to shorten that name.”

It seems ballmer has gotten his head messed up, seeing how “Windows Phone” was never part of the Nokia naming scheme, that was HTC with their HTC Windows Phone 8X/S. Either way the Nokia name is almost definitely going to be dropped, and perhaps a new name will come for Microsoft’s devices, while keeping the Lumia brand around; given the amount of penetration it has. So perhaps something around the lines of  “Lumia Surface 1020?” or is that still too much?

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