Was the Nokia 515 More Than it Seemed? A Tribute to the Nokia of Old?

| September 3, 2013 | 129 Replies



Last week Nokia announced a seemingly “normal” feature phone, the Nokia 515; with a price-tag of 115 Euros it was effectively more expensive than the entry level smartphone, the Lumia 520. At the time we chalked it up to a phone dedicated to those not interested in the fancy smartphone features, but want something classy, iconic and beautiful. The 515 embodied everything the Nokia we know (or is it knew already?) stands for, a classic device in terms of design that screams Nokia. But was it more than that?

This tweet got me thinking that the 515 could indeed be a farewell tribute from Nokia to its loyal customers, something to keep to smile back at fondly when we think of the good times we had?  The timing certainly is suspicious, and it would be a nice gesture in terms showing off the “personal” side of Nokia, which is what had me get hooked.

Even if it isn’t, I’d like to pretend that is. nokia-515---keddr.com-1Images vi Keddr.com



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