Nokia Brand to Live on! What’s Next for Lumia and Asha

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Nokia conversations have just published a nice read regarding the future of Nokia devices, Asha and Lumia; as well as what to expect in terms of future products.

Apparently the “Nokia” brand will continue to be used on devices, at least in the feature phone segment, while it seems Lumia devices will receive a new branding! Yay!

Do we get new phones with Nokia branding, or not?

Microsoft has purchased the license to use the Nokia brand on mobile phones for ten years. It’s also bought the ‘Lumia’ and ‘Asha’ brands.

On smartphones, we’ll be seeking to create a unified brand across Lumia and Windows. But we understand that the Asha and feature phone range will carry on the ‘Nokia’ branding.

In regards to future devices and what to expect; since Nokia’s strongest point has been design and build quality, apparently we’ll still see a lot of that, considering how Microsoft have acquired a large number of the related employees (plus similar ideals to start with).

Can we rely on Microsoft to continue the product quality we have come to rely on from Nokia?

Microsoft and Nokia have very similar values and vision when it comes to product quality. It’s what has made Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone such a great match. We value great hardware quality, a seamless user experience.

I recall a recent product workshop where we split into Nokia and Microsoft teams to describe our vision for the next generation of Windows Phone. When we came to compare our lists, they were almost identical.

What about previous customers? will we continue to get support? YES!

Does this mean the end of support for my Nokia phone?

Not at all. All of our support functions are also going to be transferred to Microsoft, including our Care network, under the stewardship of Juha Putkiranta, the head of operations. Customers won’t actually experience any difference.

In any case, even if we didn’t have that approach, we’re bound by international and national legislature to provide all of the necessary support

Microsoft are also said to be carrying forward with the Asha line and “connecting the next billion” although they admittedly have little experience in the field:

Will this be the end of the Asha series and other feature phones?

Microsoft is really excited by the opportunities presented by our Mobile Phones (Asha and feature phones) business.

Microsoft shares our vision for connecting the Next Billion. In ten years, we anticipate it will all be smartphones. Existing mobile phones will act as an on-ramp to smartphones.

Read alot more interesting questions here:

All in all I was devastated yesterday, but now that the dust has started to settle I can see some benefits of this acquisition, mainly the ability to have more money to throw around on crazy new products; as well as closer communications between hardware and software (that’s what made the N9 great, the hardware was built to complement the software). Most importantly for me is that we continue to see amazing new products, with the same amazing points of focus (build quality, design, and most importantly a human touch); and for me it doesn’t matter what the branding is in the long run (sure it’ll hurt to not see the word NOKIA) but as long as I know it’s the same people behind it, it’s almost as if they changed their shirt.



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