LeakyLeak: Lumia 1520 Press Renders, Shows a Minimal Camera Bump

| September 6, 2013 | 63 Replies

BTex5TtCUAEQaus@evleaks has just posted what appears to be an official press render or the Lumia 1520. The device previously known as Bandit, which should be Nokia’s first try at the phablet market. The device was previously rumored to have a 6″ screen, Quad core, 1080p and a 20 Megapixel camera.

In the image above we can see a slight elevation around the camera (very similar to the Lumia 925), above  which is an LED flash and five mysterious dots. The dots resemble the connectors for wireless charging covers, but seem to be a few too many (the 720 had 3, the 1020 and 925 only had 2). The press team also seem to have messed up the hardware Windows Phone buttons, seeing how they’re way too close to each other  It turns out the hardware button placement perfectly matches the original phablet leak we saw months ago (that so many of us dismissed as fake).

Nokia Phablet

In terms of the onscreen image, it’s the same image @evleaks previously leaked; which showed off “story teller” and independant office apps.

What do you guys think? For me the color seems a bit *too* dull, I love the matte yellow on the 1020, but here it looks almost dirty (could be due to the poor quality), but then again the camera hump on the 1020 does make for some great contrast against the yellow.



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