Damian Dinning shares his Lumia 1020 pics, I’m in awe.

| September 9, 2013 | 35 Replies

Damian Dining was the previous head of cameras and imaging of Nokia, he led the camera productions of great devices such as the Nokia N86, N8 and finally the 808.

He was and still is a great photographer and had strict principles when it came to the IQ, such as true to life colors even if it felt dull, he now works for Jaguar motors in what seems to be a different field.

Few days ago I tweeted to Damian asking him about what kind of pictures he took with his new Lumia 1020 that was sent to him by his old buddies at Nokia.

Today Damian tweeted the link for his newly updated flickr account filled with amazing pics taken using Pureview mode only (no full res pics today SORRY :D)

here’s a few that cought my eyes


He seems to be enjoying manual focus.

9702198563_f80f3c2c59_oThe ultimate camera test: a rope.


See that bird in between the fans?

9702195185_4e19de5812_o - Copy

This bird I mean 🙂

You can view the full amazing gallery by clicking here   and for those interested Damian Dinning’s twitter account is @phonedaz.


P.S the photos above are 25% smaller than their original size to make it easier to upload to the site, visit the gallery to get the full 5mp pics.



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