Videos: Nokia Philippines – Nokia Asha Power Standout #501

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Here’s a collection of 5 videos from Nokia Philippines. Four out of the five are recorded mostly in Tagalog/Filipino with one in English.

It’s how Nokia Asha helps enhance their lives. According to the video, power is inspiring others to do the extraordinary.

Nokia Asha invites you to share your standout stories.

Here’s the translation of some. My tagalog isn’t the best, but you can sort of get a rough idea. Some do speak English in and out some parts of the video. Feel free to offer corrections :).

  • Michelle Gumabao – she says she was one of the weakest when getting to college. She had to eat, sleep, volleyball and academics. She likes hearing from others when they say they look up to her.
  • Charles Katipunan –  passion for learning is a great tool for success. He’s one of 8 kids who didn’t see their dad enough (?) He wants to help out his family that’s hy he’s studying hard. To inspire others, he says he can share stories about overtaking hardships that are happening in our lives. He uses the internet access to use facebook and twitter, and others are motivated to study harder.
  • Emmanuel Bagual – didn’t catch the first bit but he says he comes from a poor family and I think he says he used to come from the group of kids he now helps out. They started out a campaign to help out the local kids. You need to live what you teach and you become a hero to the next one in need. Social media was useful in promoting these principles, raising awareness of what you can do in your community.
  • Fridrison Lo – in English
  • Lian Melegrito – she says she started from nothing. You can’t do the bare minimum training. She loves what she does and finds joy in it (already in english) you need to balance this with learning. Currently she’s Cumlaude (with honors grade). If you have a dream, all you need is hardwork. It isn’t impossible. Difficult is different to impossible.

This one’s in English.

Last one:


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