Microsoft’s Updated Voice Command System “Cortana” to go Toe-to-Toe with Siri

| September 12, 2013 | 15 Replies

Voice Search MNBMicrosoft’s current implementation of voice commands in Windows Phone is pretty weak to say the least. Tell Me doesn’t do much besides launch apps and call up your contacts, but that’s set to change in WP 8.1 when Microsoft introduced “C” the WP personal assistant (derived from the Halo game). According to the latest rumors and screenshots Cortana will be much more functional, being able to bring up weather, navigate to Home/Work, call up your significant other and more.

The big question is, will it be voiced by the same voice actor from the Halo game? (Yes please!)

Check out some screenshots below, as well as many more over at the verge


cortanascreenshots6_1020_verge_super_wide cortanascreenshots4_1020_verge_super_wide cortanascreenshots3_1020_verge_super_wideSource

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  • pureviewguy

    It’s “Cortana”, not “cortona”

    • Whoops, *ninja Edit* no idea what you’re talking about 😉

      • mjparc


  • zxv

    This is awesome. +1 for the same voice 😀
    Dan Rubino claims that the actual UI will be a lot different –

  • Banderpop

    Will this Cortana also go insane after seven years?

    I quite like the idea of a Halo/Cortana themed phone. Or anything resembling a theme at all really.

    • Spoilers man…. spoilers…

      • Janne

        You just wait.

        • Janne

          Mediocre, mediocre, mediocre might turn into The Flood… 😉

  • Janne

    Cortana. Great idea! 🙂

  • v.s.i

    As Incognito said, M$’s problem is that they want to be considered hip, but currently there are far too few such things on WP. Take Android for example, with the About > Version Easter egg.

    That said, one of the cool things WP has is the Xbox avatar. I imagine voice commands will be a lot more fun if, say, a long press on the Windows key triggers a comic-style conversation, with speech bubbles and all, between the Xbox avatar, in your voice, and Cortana, in her original voice, complete with a customisable degree of ‘artificial EQ’. Somthing like 0 for Google Now-esque interaction and 100% for the original Cortana. Now I don’t know how ’emotional’ she can become, I’ve only read a little bit about the character. 🙂

    • Janne

      Xbox and Halo indeed are one of the few areas where Microsoft is “hip”.

      I’d say, in a broader sense, Lumia is another. I hope don’t mess it up.

      • BIG

        and don’t forget Surface & 8 and windows phone is now Microsoft hip too

  • Nathan


  • lam

    The benchmark should be Google Now. Siri is pretty useless except maybe at recognizing American/Western English. Even WP8 is better than Siri accuracy wise.

  • Alvester