Possible WP8.1 Blue screenshots (and Bittersweet shimmer showing previous notifications?)

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Some interesting screenshots from twitter account It may be faked, it may not. I’ve not followed the Blue screenshots that have been appearing every now and again so I’m not sure what you’ve seen before.Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 17.38.11 WPC posts about a possible notifications as indicated by screenshots from the same username, but the latest tweet suggests it might be something different appearing from a left swipe.

“Oh , swipe left is not a notifications area ! it’s (Me ,quick share ,settings and personalize) still not seen in current builds.”



note password removal for kids corner with ability to add music and videos.IRl1rkU

The start button may function like so:

8.1: waiting for conformation long Start = CORTANA (voice assistant)

double Start = What is going on area ?!

double Back = ends current app

In somewhat related news, appearing earlier than Blue, is Bittersweet Shimmer for Nokia phones. This might provide the ability to see previous toast notifiations (this screenshot via WinPhoneViet)

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 17.35.01

Thanks Alvester and zomer for the tip!


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  • MNhut

    What is the “double Start = What is going on area ?!” ?

    • Sreeni Ra

      This is what i figured out from the message.
      Double start = double tap on windows button
      What is going on area = Notification Page

      • mnhut

        Ohh ok, that could make sense !

  • Vikas Patidar

    Screw this kids corner shit and give us Windows Explorer like feature rich file browser.

    • Nemanja

      Screw you. I need kid corner.

  • v.s.i

    This is a clear concept once you look at the first image. Basically, the central screen depicts the Start screen, to the right we have the app list sorted by frequency of use (as seen on earlier WP8.1 leaks), to the left there’s some kind of What’s new aggregation center, upwards is the notification center or something like that and downwards is hopefully a reference to Cortana. That’s what I think. 🙂 Looks like the gears are finally starting to turn inside team WPdev, but it’s way too early and they also have a habit of screwing things up.

  • dario

    The first screen is like my concept of Nokia sWiPe

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  • torcida

    Lets’s go sailing with Jolla…
    There you’ll have full experience with gestures similar to the Swipe UI in the N9.

    Fore more see here:

    • v.s.i

      I went sailing with the N9.
      3/10 wouldn’t recommend except to geeks as myself that have lots of time on their hands

      • torcida

        Lol… That sound like bias. I don’t know one person which doesn’t fall in love after using the N9 for a moment.

        But if WP is fine for you, go on… It’s your choise.

        • v.s.i

          That’s the problem. It’s fine for a geeky device, but for all other needs and purposes, it’s mostly a niche device. I’m speaking solely of the N9 however, which is already 2 years old. Of course if Nokia had chosen it instead of WP, the Linux system might have got the same amount of attention, apps, features and specs as WP. But given the current reality, it would be unwise to think of the N9 as anything other than an interesting experiment with loads of potential.

          Thing is I don’t have that much time to experiment with it, I currently have lots of more important things to do in my life. 🙂

        • Janne

          N9 wasn’t geeky enough for me. N900 was much more versatile (no Aegis, yes stylus, qwerty and Maemo 5), I guess it spoiled me. 🙂

          If I want a consumer-approach, WP felt better. But as a “desktop in your pocket”, nothing so far that I have used can beat the N900.

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  • DesR85

    Based on this screenshot, Microsoft will be adding two extra columns in the start screen? It will look kind of messy, and I have no idea how much smaller can those small tiles get and what it looks like on the smaller screen Lumias like the 520 and 620.

    • Janne

      It is possible (likely?) those extra columns are only on 1080p screens, though?

      • DesR85

        Could be, but then again, I have seen some screenshots of the 920 on a WP Central article running the unconfirmed BS (GDR3?) update which included an extra two columns. I’ll just consider this as unconfirmed for now.