Glance and ProCam to Come to All WP Devices in 8.1 + More Details on WP Blue & GDR3

| September 18, 2013 | 25 Replies


The leaks regarding WP Blue/8.1 keep coming; fresh from the same source who made the video showing the new homescreen interface on WP 8.1 we have several more nuggets of information. First off you can see the full layout of the status bar above (although the battery percentage seems to be missing?); the connection icons have been grouped on the left side of the screen, with the right side being reserved for “System” including the notifications asterisk. The roaming triangle has also been grouped in with the reception status, in a space saving move.

Another interesting rumor is the claim that both Nokia Pro cam and Glance screen will come to ALL Windows Phone devices (not just Lumias). That is reasonable seeing how Microsoft owns the teams behind it, plus it would level the playing field, making the OS more attractive for other OEMs,

Next up is the fact that the new voice assistant Cortana might arrive sooner than we thought, as “Xeto” claims that it’s part of the BitterSweet Shimmer app packet, which means it’s probably bundled with GDR3. He does say “don’t be too happy” so it’s possibly just a very limited version at the moment, or maybe just a rebranding of Tell Me, with the full service arriving in Blue? Also mentioned is that the Lumia 520 will be left out of some of the feature updates in GDR3 due to hardware restrictions (something that has already happened with the Lumia Amber Update).

And finally we have a screenshot of what appears to be a Samsung WP device running WP 8.1. BUY1YzaCcAEgJMH


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  1. Mariano says:

    Nokia not so special now

  2. efjay says:

    Hard to believe Nokia features are already being added to WP8.1 when the OS must be well along in development and the acquisition isn’t final. They can barely add features missing for years like separate volume controls or playlist creation, sounds bogus.

  3. M says:

    This person is beginning to sound like they’re full of bs(no, not bittersweet shimmer. I won’t believe any of this until it shows up in an at least semi official channel (Tom Warren from The Verge or evleaks). They seem to enjoy having everyone hooked on every little rumor they say.

  4. D Harries says:

    A battery saving idea might be to turn off parts of the screen, or some of the LEDs in sections.

    Glance screen is cool. Comes with peek mode as well

  5. Munch says:

    Poor Lumia 520….. Only having bitter, no sweet…..

  6. chris wayne says:

    So GDR3 is WP8.1?, or 8.1 comes in 2014?

    • Paul says:

      GDR3 and WP8.1 are two seperate things.
      GDR3 is a “feature pack” for WP8.0 ; WP8.1 is the next step in WinPhone.

      Maybe GDR3 ist something like WinPhone8.03

    • CyberAngel says:

      Service Pack 3 (known as General Distribution release)
      comes before Christmas
      The totally new 8.1 API Windows Phone Blue arrives Feb/Mar 2014
      The next GDR after that is April at the earliest (quick fix)
      or during summer (at the latest : July)
      Everything goes as the Emperor has foreseen…

  7. srisan says:

    lumia 720 anychances to unlock resolution if they locked ? 800*500 :1280*720

  8. sf says:

    Sad to see all the Nokia exclusives are going to the platform.. :( MS is not fcukin able to achieve all this on their own.. :/

  9. Gokul says:

    This shows how lazy Microsoft wer…….they can’t do anything special or creative like Nokia ….. just copy past what done by Nokia …. Microsoft is Killing them self Now… They “got Everything But Dont Know Wat to do With it”..
    By this way Window Phone Os May get Better but Microsofts LUMIA Smartphone will Have to face very hard competition from Samsung and HTC. I cant believe this…
    So watch out guys that Samduck going to dominate WP platform also with ter crappy plastic ATIV phones also…..

  10. Prasenjit Singh Bist says:

    This proves that Elop and the whole BoD sold Nokia D&S unit way earlier than the date we were announced as build phase for 8.1 started long time back and adding Nokia Software code into core WP also proves Microsoft and Nokia’s confidence that the deal will go through and they have started moving in that direction.

    What a shame the idiot assh01@ CEO said Nokia software engineers are incapable of OS development and so Nokia will do hardware and now the same company who was supposed to supply OS will be adding Nokia source code as default so it proves where MSFT engineers stand.. every one knew WP camera app is a fart and the Pro CAm is simply the best on any platform so far.

    what the hell are the finns or share holders doing are they so coward that they are afraid to file a class action suit for conspiracy against Elop and the stupid BoD of Nokia.

  11. Gokul says:

    this is realy unbelievable and how sad that all Nokias hardwork going to end like this.. i Dont know wat microsoft is thinking.
    Now i realize wat this acquisition means.. it simply means Axe nokias progress in Window phone platform and Help Samduck, Htc and others to progress well..
    I wont think Microsoft will keep up the good work wat Nokia done With LUMIA lineup..

  12. CyberAngel says:

    The rip-off of the Nokia’s superior imaging software is not effecting the hardware development in a negative way. Now that there’s a lot of money behind the MS executives has resurrected an old buried project.
    More money => more wonderful things!
    The deal is done!
    It was carefully negotiated with the major shareholders before release,
    quad-checked by the lawyers and approved by the FI gov.
    The 1½ M€/2 M$ was pumped immediately to Nokia to reinforce the production which was a crucial step. Everything is fine, folks. Business as usual. Officially the WP8.1 and Nokia->MS happens at Feb/Mar 2014.
    Maybe at the same time?

  13. prashant says:

    all nokia apps are going to be public.

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