Glance and ProCam to Come to All WP Devices in 8.1 + More Details on WP Blue & GDR3

| September 18, 2013 | 25 Replies


The leaks regarding WP Blue/8.1 keep coming; fresh from the same source who made the video showing the new homescreen interface on WP 8.1 we have several more nuggets of information. First off you can see the full layout of the status bar above (although the battery percentage seems to be missing?); the connection icons have been grouped on the left side of the screen, with the right side being reserved for “System” including the notifications asterisk. The roaming triangle has also been grouped in with the reception status, in a space saving move.

Another interesting rumor is the claim that both Nokia Pro cam and Glance screen will come to ALL Windows Phone devices (not just Lumias). That is reasonable seeing how Microsoft owns the teams behind it, plus it would level the playing field, making the OS more attractive for other OEMs,

Next up is the fact that the new voice assistant Cortana might arrive sooner than we thought, as “Xeto” claims that it’s part of the BitterSweet Shimmer app packet, which means it’s probably bundled with GDR3. He does say “don’t be too happy” so it’s possibly just a very limited version at the moment, or maybe just a rebranding of Tell Me, with the full service arriving in Blue? Also mentioned is that the Lumia 520 will be left out of some of the feature updates in GDR3 due to hardware restrictions (something that has already happened with the Lumia Amber Update).

And finally we have a screenshot of what appears to be a Samsung WP device running WP 8.1. BUY1YzaCcAEgJMH



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