Nokia Lumia 1020 Billboard: The most megapixels you can fit into a pair of skinny jeans (California) (+ O2 store 1020 promos)

| September 29, 2013 | 39 Replies

MNB skinnyjeans

This picture was shared to us from California, Lombard Street. (Cheers anonymous person)

It takes an interesting stance that this camera has 41MP and it’s the most amount of MP you can fit in skinny jeans.

As someone who has unfortunately fallen for the skinny jeans trend (I blame losing some weight in the leg area) yes, 1020 fits in my jeans fine. BTW, there are “spray on jeans” for men now. I was recommended them yesterday as they didn’t have the regular stretch skinny in my size. They look like man tights. :/ Though  they are oddly comfy and roomy. I have to confess I do kinda already own some super skinny but by accident. They didn’t have any in my size and so I went from a 30 to a 26. Yeah, those don’t get used much. I generally don’t put anything in those pockets cos the outline is seen clearly (even something like a card).

Whilst we’re speaking of physical ads, at the o2 store in preston they had some Nokia Lumia 1020 ads playing. There was the cool video showing the 1020’s camera internals, another video which included quotes on how awesome the 1020 is and possibly something else. It did cycle between Nokia and iPhone but that was about it. I had to wait a few cycles to take this pic as people were standing in front of it.

MNB WP_20130928_14_00_53_Pro


The Phones4U display still wasn’t showing much about the 1020 like the post from last week but they did have a little poster at the bottom. You can’t really notice it.

MNB WP_20130928_14_18_55_Pro

I think once people know that there’s a super awesome camera, with 41mp they get really interested. Last night, whilst getting ID’d, I got stopped by one of the bouncers at the entrance of a club after he saw me take a picture with my 1020. He was intrigued upon finding out this phone had 41MP (to which he oddly asked if it was a Samsung. Nay! Tis a NOKIA!) I got a picture of the other bouncer and showed him the detail to which blew his mind. He grabbed the phone and just played with the zoom, asking his other friend “what’s this?” pointing to a mark on his face “what’s that” pointing to something else on his face which he couldn’t see with his own eyes.

I’m not sure what goes on in the stores, but once people see a demo of how good the 1020 is, they get really interested. Yes, for those interested in apps, and certainly specific apps, you’d have to look more closely whether the 1020 is a fit for them. Sometimes, unfortunately they might not be. But for others where the main apps are covered, then it’s just about usability, user experience and then other differentiating factors (such as having an amazing camera).

BTW, I’m loving the 1020 camera for low light xenon. Awesome snapper for when people MOVE in low light! I loved the 920/925 for most pictures, but the brilliant DUAL LED isn’t enough to freeze in low light for this particular scenario. Plus, I find colours slightly better with xenon.  And it doesn’t look intrusive (aka an actual camera) so it looks great for spontaneous pics (could do with having faster start up times).


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  • manu

    lumias dont seem to be popular in u.k.i see only iphones and samsung galaxies 😉

    • I’m in the UK and I’ve seen a growing amount and of recent WP8 lumias.

      I even saw a couple of people buying some new lumias, and another at a coffee shop looking pleased at her 925 box. lots of 520s about.

      • Janne

        That’s mediocre progress for you! 🙂

      • grazy

        I had my doubts about wp but after only a few days i am very pleased with it and finding cool new things every day.

        i try to promote it when with friends but no one is that bothered.

        battery is not lasting very long though 😞 but it charges very quickly

        • Matt

          If you want good battery get a 720

          • Grazy

            abit late for that! 🙂 I’m not too fussed! it will do 2 days now that I have stopped playing with it all day! 🙂

            Loving the camera and size 🙂 looking back at my N9 I don’t think i could go smaller now 🙂


      wrong. Lumia phones are getting popular in the UK, its more popular than in the US. 8% of WP marketshare, millions of Lumia users in the UK. I see a lot of people in my town in UK using a Lumia and even in London


      its even beating blackberry in popularity in the UK.

    • That simply isn’t true. Every day I am seeing more and more around.

      The sales figures speak for themselves. As of the 2nd of September Windows Phone accounts for around 10% of the UK’s market share. In a year it doubled its market share. Also, in the UK Windows Phone has a larger market share than Blackberry.

      Considering Nokia sells over 85% of all Windows Phones, objectively speaking, Lumia’s are popular in the UK and increasingly so.

    • TDR

      Lumias have 12% market share in the UK, so fairly popular….

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  • dss

    I like the Microsoft logo on the top right corner… can’t wait for them to get rid of the Nokia logo on the phones.

    • Janne

      You do realize Nokia and Microsoft have been sharing advertisement this year a lot. I wouldn’t read anything premature into this advertisement.

      But I’m glad to hear you can’t wait for the saddest news in recent Nokia history to come to fruition. That shows your real motives here.

      • BIGBENWP

        hey not everyone is sadden by Nokia buyout. some are glad, its his opinion, Its Nokia moving into a new life in history. But we all know this advert is by Microsoft not Nokia because of the font design.

      • dss

        You should know that I was being sarcastic, but I can’t help but feel good that both companies got over themselves and finally settled.

        Its been over a decade of power struggle games between the two, and its finally done. Microsoft got what they wanted, more or less, and hopefully Nokia is getting a similar deal.

        And.. the sad day was a long time ago, 11th February 2011 to be precise. Anyone with common sense knew what happened that day, and it was indeed sad.

        What’s happening now is no surprise, just confirmation..

        • Janne

          And.. the sad day was a long time ago, 11th February 2011 to be precise. Anyone with common sense knew what happened that day, and it was indeed sad.

          What’s happening now is no surprise, just confirmation..

          February 11th was sad for sure – for a multitude of reasons, but I don’t agree this end-result was set in stone in any way that day. Any more than I think the February 11th end-result was set in stone when Elop started at Nokia.

        • The trojan killed everything that Nokia had except S30/S40 but I don’t think it’ll take long now until he shuts down the dumbphone unit too.

          • Janne

            Oh, I’m sure Microsoft will shut down the feature phone business in an accelerated manner.

            Nothing to do with any Trojans, though. The logical explanation is that Microsoft just doesn’t want the feature phone business, Nokia just didn’t want to keep it either.

          • dss

            The dumb phone is not a problem for Microsoft, the Linux OS and Symbian however were one.. a very big one, so they were urgently put to sleep.

            • Janne

              I’m sure it won’t surprise you that I find your theory very unlikely. 🙂

          • TDR

            Trojans are an Android only phone issue. Windows Phone doesn’t have any malware to date….

  • Siliconsub

    Its weird that Nokia has no logo on the sides like Windows Phone, Microsoft and AT&T, but then again, they have the best logo on the poster, so I guess it evens out.


      its a Windows Phone Microsoft ad not a Nokia one. Look at the branding image and the font and design.

    • Janne

      That’s because it probably isn’t a Nokia ad, but a Microsoft ad. Windows Phone – Reinvented around you logo is probably the biggest suggestion of that.

      It was announced in the spring that Nokia and Microsoft were doing both Nokia Lumia advertising this year. Microsoft has been behind the most profilic Lumia 1020 advertisements.

      You know, the special relationship and all – how quickly people forget.

      Sure, as a separate issue, in the end Microsoft will purchase the D&S division, but until then it is business as usual – and that business as usual includes a special partnership, including joint promotion.

  • Random Random

    1020 is a nice phone, but clearly the marketing of PureView has failed.

    They are no longer even trying to push that as a feature everyone should have. They just push the megapixels and no longer really focus on image quality.


      BITCH PLEASE, how did Pureview marketing failed. its all explained that this camera is just more than just megapixels, you can’t deny the quality of these nokia cameras.

      • Random Random

        The ad starts with “The most megapixels”.

        They are actually talking about megapixels.

        Not about image quality.

        • Janne

          I don’t agree, at least in any wider sense that “they just push the megapixels and no longer really focus on image quality”.

          Most of the Lumia 1020 ads have been pushing usability of the camera in various real-life scenarios, including zooming, xenon freezing motion and low-light capabilities. This is one of the rare commercials pushing just the megapixels line.

          Besides, even this ad seems more about fitting photography prowess in tight jeans than about the megapixels itself. The megapixels are in my view just an easy way to illustrate that photography prowess.

          Just my opinion. You’ll have yours.

          • Janne

            That was from me.

          • milojko

            strange we have never seen similar ad for 808, actually we haven’t seen any ad for 808 for that matter 😀

        • Mapantz

          For a fun advertisement like that, they’re hardly going to write “The most PureView you can fit into a pair of skinny jeans”

    • TDR

      You must have missed the National Geographic special on the Lumia 1020:

  • grazy

    Hi Jay, did you get all the updates for the 1020 today? There were loads.

    plus i wondered if you can hear the ois when you shake your phone. Im not sure i can. Plus finding super sensitive touch a little hit and miss with nails. Sometimes it works and then it doesn’t

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  • DesR85

    Kind of reminds me of arts’ comment about whether the L1020 can fit into pockets. I wonder if that’s where Nokia/Microsoft got their inspiration from? 😛

    Made my day anyway. In fact, it put me in a better mood after that heated debate I had over at Soyacincau over the Malaysian L1020 price bundle (L1020 + camera grip at RM 2,499) and made direct comparisons to the Xperia Z1 priced similarly (slightly cheaper at RM 2,399) with no accessory at all (Link: Never understood their logic of asking Nokia to remove the camera grip. Pricks. Though I admit that I was rather blunt there…

  • dss

    The 1020 carries 96.9cc of volume @ 158 grams.. its perfectly “pocketable”. Its nowhere near the Nokia N9 or the iPhone 5 in terms of ergonomics, size, and one handed use .. but still, considering what it packs in terms of imaging that’s pretty good.

    The 808 still holds the record in terms of IQ vs. Size .. the ratio for that device is staggering.

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