MNB RG: Increased respect for Nokia, super durable from low to high end.

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We received this story by Muktesh who owns a Nokia lumia 520. After his experience in dropping his 520, he has even more respect for Nokia which he hopes continues when MS is in charge.


My Nokia Lumia 520 fell while i was driving my bike at around 50-60 kmph.
It fell on the asphalt and i thought i may have lost my dear 520.
I stopped my bike turned it around till that time a few pedestrians had picked it up.
The phone was in three pieces the back cover, the battery and the mobile phone.
I picked up the phone the screen was blatantly scratched. The battery was bruised but amazingly nothing on the back cover.
I assembled the phone back and to my amazement it was working.
Except for the screen area there was not a single scratch on the phone.
I put the phone in my pocket and went my way.
After some 15 mins i took it out of my pocket and looking at the screen i felt very sad while feeling the scratches with my finger i felt something plastic, it was the screen guard.
I peeled the scratch guard off and lo and behold not a single scratch on the screen.
in that feeling of euphoria i forgot to take a pic of that screen guard so as to show how badly it had scratched.

The main thing here is not that my mobile is safe, the main thing is that Nokia builds their phones, even the budget ones, with such top notch material and build quality that not only handles the daily wear and tear but also fearsome accidents.

And after this accident the respect and esteem i hold towards Nokia is now at a new height.

Hope it continues even after it is sold to Microsoft.


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