Lumia 1320, Nokia’s night creature?

| October 8, 2013 | 24 Replies
Batman Begins 5800

Nokia 5800 in Batman Begins

Whenever someone mentions Batman and Nokia in the same sentence I always think about either the Nokia 5800 or that special Lumia 800 (and 900) with the etched Batman logo on the back.

But there seems to be a new addition to those thoughts with the Lumia 1320. 1320? Yes, the Lumia 1320 which we haven’t heard anything about and neither did we hear anything about the codename: Batman.

Until today. Our friendly neighbourhood leaker Evleaks just tweeted this: Nokia Batman = Lumia 1320.

There is very little to nothing known about a Lumia 1320 so anyone want to take a guess as to what it is? Country variant of the 1520? Carrier variant perhaps? Or maybe an international version of a US carrier version like the Lumia 929? That last one seems logical but then again it doesn’t since the 928 isn’t available outside the US either. Anyone want to take a guess?


Just to refresh memories, here is that Lumia 800 with the etched Batman logo

Source: Evleaks
Image credit: Pakitechreviews


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