More live pics of the giant Nokia Phablet, Lumia 1520

| October 8, 2013 | 35 Replies

imageHere are a couple of photos of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1520.

It looks especially large next to iPhone but anything kinda does nowadays even compared to the latest let alone the 3.5 inch varieties.

I’m looking forward to that extra space, physically and tiles wise.



Source: WMPU

Cheers Alvester for the tip.

Apologies on title and lack of source URL! typing in iPad and it was being useless.


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  • Janne

    I must really compliment Alverster for his tipping lately. He has been on a massive roll!

    Good job, Alvester. Appreciated!

    • Alvester

      Thank you very much Janne. I try my best to tip every possible news that is related to Nokia so that Nokia fans can be aware of what is happening and keep themselves updated, just as I do.

      • Janne

        Yes, I have even had a habit of checking the Tips page directly too, to get the latest before Jay & gang gets to updating. So again, that’s very nice of you, thanks!

  • Paul

    1530 in the headline? Is this correct?

    • Alvester

      Typo by Jay.

  • Janne

    By the way, is this the first we’ve seen the 1520 from a perspective? It looks quite thin, but I don’t necessarily like the design.

    Well, those who said enough of the N9 design language are sure to be happy now. 🙂

    Heck that’s a big screen compared to the Lumia 920 though. 🙂 Looks to be AMOLED too.

    • Sefriol

      Well, I haven’t really liked any of these Nokia phones when looking at the leak pictures. I even thought that 925 was an ugly device, but after seeing it in real life… Well that was like from different planet.

      • Janne

        That is true.

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  • Karel

    Not sure if I like this. Currently owning a Lumia 920, and I try to keep as few as tiles possible on the homescreen whereas it gets too busy on the homescreen. All the tiles that change and show data are too busy for me at least.

    Grouping tiles would be very convenient! 🙂

    • Janne

      Obviously. That much tiles at least in photos looks a bit crap, really. It might work better in practice, though.

      What this size WP’s need, really, is what is currently known as Windows RT. That UI has several things (tile grouping included) that would really allow WP to compete in phablets and against Note in particular.

      Unfortunately Microsoft’s slowness means we won’t see that yet this year. Maybe in an update we get some of that to the Lumia 1520 too.

      • Sefriol

        I honestly doubt that we see WP and RT merge next year either. Let’s hope that Blue fixes all the major complains.
        I think it was a shock to Nokia as well how slow Microsoft is in implementing these features. They are a modern software company at least. (Though, I’m not sure if they are using any Agile Software development models since those are really hard to implement in big companies.)

        • Janne

          Yes, I don’t think we’ll see RT merge yet in Blue (8.1), but I’m hoping at least some of the features start creeping in. Some things that could be very useful: tile grouping, app snapping, digitizer support, just to start a list.

          • Pökö

            What this need is landscape functionality on the OS.

  • JGrove303

    ..but I like my flat bottom phones. They make my rockin’ world go Around. 😞

    • JGrove303

      Seriously. They perch perfectly on the pink for secure one-hand use AND you can stand them up on a level surface. What asshat is tired of that?

      • Janne

        This one looks to be maybe slightly angled, though, so I’m not sure it stands on its own. Maybe it does, hard to tell.

  • Janne

    I’m quite torn about getting this phone. It may be the last big phone (literally) Nokia releases under their own brand and 6″ sure seems nice, but the again the Lumia 1020 camera sure is nice. Nokia being Nokia again, not combining all of their best into one device, but segmenting.

    I think Nokia/Microsoft should start making two versions of their highest end model:

    To use the 1520 as an example:

    Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1520 The Bulge Edition.

    That way you could choose to have the best camera available at the time, or you could choose the slimmer smaller camera.

    Well, maybe The Bulge Edition wouldn’t be the catchiest of names… 😉

    • MNhut

      Me too ! I’m quite torn between getting this phone or the 2520 or the iPad 5. I think it’s “smarter” to wait another year for the next flagship produced by Microsoft + Nokia, but again it’s so tempting to buy the 1520 *sighs*

  • Nasty Troller

    Well, the most important question is: as I like Nokia HW but prefer other then WP software – will it be possible to run Sailfish or MeeGo with this device?

  • D Harries

    iPad = useless

    • chfyfx

      almost agree, my biggest complaint is the iPad browser… it just sucks…

  • D Harries

    With many more updates to come after Amber and Bittersweet Shimmer, we will see how popular this is. Hope so. Especially in the laptop segment where people are downsizing. Personally, I do not think Xperia Ultra and Galaxay Mega are too big, and yet WP uses a smaller screen so well. A wireless/USB keyboard only cost £16 from Currys.

  • Deaconclgi

    Its loaded with the AT&T firmware as I see the bloat that I always recommend users uninstall upon first setting up their AT&T Windows Phone.

    Only a couple of more weeks to the unveiling. I have a feeling it is going to be priced at $299. I’d rather it is priced at $250 to give it an edge over the other big screened phones with well known ecosystems.

    They could even price it at $199 like the 1020 since the 1020 isn’t the 1520s competition. That would shake things up.


    seems the tile interface looks better on larger screens.

  • tkhumush

    there is a grill like groove to the bottom of the 1520, wounder what that is exactly, just under the micro usb port. anyone?

    • Andrew_b

      I was looking at that. Could it be connection terminals for some kind of accessory?

      • Deaconclgi

        Maybe those are the connectors for the flip cover, sort of like the magnetic pins/connector for the Surface tablets that connects the various covers and keyboards.

  • Nok

    Fail! It doesn’t have 41 MP PureView!

    • SLAYER

      This is their phablet product, not the camera phone one. what exactly were you expecting?

  • Morangie777

    The actual size of the tiles on the bigger device is smaller, too. So they can get it to 3 columns.

  • allawi

    This is huge, how you going to put it in the pocket???

    • dss

      Same way you do a Note 3

  • DeepSpaceBar

    just because it’s bigger doesn’t mean it’s better… Those g3/g4 are retarded huge… 4inch is enough ffs… You can’t even pocket the damn thing

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