Nokia World October 22nd to share with supposed Apple event

| October 9, 2013 | 29 Replies

nokia versus apple

Nokia World 2013, possibly the last one ever, will take place in October 22nd to reveal at least one new Nokia phablet and possibly a tablet. It’s also the day MS is launching the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets (these haven’t excited me but they have their fans).

Nokia, all the way in Dubai, might have to share the limelight with Apple who AllThingsD say might have an event to show off possibly a new iPad and MBP.


It’s not the first time a competitor tries to get in on a Nokia event. HTC once tried to get attendees in London for Nokia World to go to their launch, and it was also rumoured the following year that Samsung would try the same (but I think that did not happen). Last year there was no Nokia World, though some Nokians internally referred to the 920 launch as just that. Over a year since September 5th, the last major shift in flagships for Nokia (the 1020 is the 920 with 41mp, no?).

The 1520 heralds a much bigger phone with a huge screen. Hopefully WP lends well to the phablet experience.

Source: AllThingsD

Via: TheVerge / Reddit


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  • JGrove303

    I concur: the Lumia 925 and 1020 are indeed the refined consumer and Mega versions, respectively, of the commercially available prototype Lumia 920. November 9th was D-Day for the Lumia 920 here in the USA, and by the roll of carriers in the NAM, it is time for a new string from Nokia.

    I’m very interested in the 1520 for the fiancée and the 2520 for myself.

    Though the Surface 2 is very attractive to me, I will wait for the Nokia. My Prototype Le Mans racer 920 is still kicking ass

    • dss

      Just curious, why would you buy a Windows RT device when you can have x86 support and similar battery life with Intel’s Bay Trail ?

      • DesR85

        Are you referring to the Surface 2 Pro or did intel recently release a tablet?

  • Janne

    If Apple does this, and it turns out the date isn’t because they pre-booked Moscone or something, they’ve well and truly lost their way.

    I hope that won’t turn out to be the case, not for Nokia’s sake, but for Apple’s actually. They got great by leading, not by following (Nokia and Microsoft/Windows 8.1 tablet launch date).

    Steve Jobs was a bit crazy, but his greatness was not letting others affect his show. I’m not sure Cook and the team have the same strength of mind and clarity of focus.

    • nabkawe

      Its simple really they iPads announce on 22 oct every year provided its a Tuesday (that’s why it was 21 last year)

      • Janne

        Its simple really they iPads announce on 22 oct every year

        All iPads except last generation have been announced in March. Last generation was announced on October 23rd.

        I agree Apple does like Tuesday’s for announcement, though. So that part of the speculation makes sense.

        Well, seeing as Apple hasn’t announced a date this seems premature anyway.

  • I don’t think that Apple will do that as it is a reputed company and sharing the same day as Nokia World event won’t be too nice.

    • Janne

      I agree Apple should pick a different date, for the perception issue alone.

      I’m sure Apple can dominate the news cycle on any day, but still when they are plagued by concerns in the media these days, looking like trying to confront Nokia’s and Microsoft’s announcements like that would seem wrong for the image Apple has.

      • Random Random

        Nokia hasn’t been a threat to Apple since 2009.

        They just don’t have to care like that.

  • Nokia World

    There was Nokia World 2012. The heck are you saying?

    • Janne

      Not really, there was the Lumia 920 launch in New York and an invite-only event at Wanha Satama, Helsinki simultaneously, but Nokia World used to be so much more than that (it was a two-day event for developers, operators and other parties where you could buy tickets to) – the normal event that was pre-invited in the spring 2012 for September 2012 was infamously cancelled.

      • Janne

        That said, we’re not sure the Abu Dhabi event is a “Nokia World” in the traditional sense either. But this time they’re at least naming it that from the get-go, instead of cancelling and then arranging something else.

  • sbw44

    Hey guys don’t know who I can contact? my sister misplaced her 920 and cant seem to find it. Nokia care said we must go on the windows website and log in then you can find your phone on a map or make it ring. but the problem is my sister forgot her password and cant log in. Is there no one who can help her reset her password because she tried to many times answering y=the stupid security question which is in french!

    Nokia care wont help, her carrier wont and we cant find a Microsoft number or store in South Africa. Please can anyone give me some tips on what to do?

    • DesR85

      Does she still remember her hotmail/live/outlook account name?

      Click the ‘can’t access your account?’ option and follow the instructions and see if it helps or not.

      • sbw44

        Yes she does but the security question is in french and we tried so much answers that it says now she entered the incorrect password to many times.

        Plus if we fill out the questionnaire they keep on emailing it is insufficient info! Nobody is willing to help her and its kinda sad that it’s a Nokia phone that’s giving this problems

  • Mapantz

    The papers claim that Apple’s iPad event is on the 15th October.

    • Janne

      That’s a Tuesday too, so that would make sense.

      It would be better for everyone to do it on a different date.

      • Shaun

        Huh? If Apple announce new anything on the same day as a competitor then the competition gets either buried under the splurge of Apple press coverage or at best they end up a footnote.

        Announcing the same day works great for Apple.

        • Janne

          Of course Apple can dominate the news cycle on any day they choose. I said so already too.

          However, Apple isn’t exactly the undisputed media darling these days. It would look bad for them to do it on the same day Nokia and Microsoft have announced phone/tablet stuff for.

          Apple would be compared to Nokia/Microsoft and some analysts might also claim Apple chose the same date intentionally, which wouldn’t fit with Apple’s leadership image. It might even be that Nokia/Microsoft could ride Apple’s coat-tails and get mentions in Apple’s announcement news on that day.

          No, it wouldn’t be good to Apple to do it on the same day as Nokia/Microsoft have announced major event(s) for. Of course it wouldn’t be good for Nokia/Microsoft either to get buried under an Apple avalanche.

          • Shaun

            I’d agree with you there but for the fact that Microsoft/Nokia NEVER have a major event in the eyes of the press or public. They just aren’t news. Apple is. Microsoft could plant a Windows flag on the moon and almost nobody would bother.

            So again, I’d disagree. Apple doesn’t need to care about any backlash from gatecrashing the news agenda on the same day as a Microsoft/Nokia ‘major’ event because NOBODY cares except Paul Thurrot & Rob Enderele, and most people think they’re nuts.

  • AlsoCan

    Nokia should be proud if apple did try to outshine their events – it would mean they consider them as dangerous competitors. More likely apple simply did not notice there was a nokia event planned on the day – they probably stopped following nokia a long time ago. As per recent Tim Cook’s comments, apple is just as sorry as most of us regarding the state elop put nokia in.

    • Random Random


      It’s unfortunate how Elop was not able to reverse the damage made by OPK.

  • swain

    I think Apple no longer considers Nokia as a competitor. That may be the reason they are not concerned about a dieing company and it’s horrible products.

    • Janne

      Apparently it is also the launching date for Microsoft’s new Surfaces. Are you saying Apple doesn’t consider Microsoft a competitor?

      • Random Random

        Apple may consider them as a potential competitor but hardly as a current one.

        After all, Nokia was no longer a threat for Nokia since 2009.

        • Mapantz

          haha – Classic!

        • Janne

          Ignoring Microsoft is like ignoring Russia.

          Do it at your own peril. 🙂

      • swain

        Microsoft is too big to be ignored. But when it comes to tablet business, you know how they have done so far. Their tablet(and Windows RT) hardly have any chance in front of ipad.

  • RIP Nokia

    I suppose MSNokia will have no media attention…
    In about three years from niw MS will shut down the remains of Nokia…..