LeakyLeak: Lumia 2520 Cyan Press Render

| October 11, 2013 | 18 Replies

BWUMwaKCEAADvoNLess than an hour after announcing that the Lumia 2520 will come in Cyan @evleaks has delivered, with the first press render of the product.


What do you think of the bezel size? it’s not too much, especially since Windows RT uses some swiping motions from off screen right? The volume and power button placement seem a bit weird, as they’re on the far side of the device away from the headphone jack; but then again this is clearly made for landscape usage and not portait.

The design reminds me of the Lumia 720 blown up, as it seems to have the same pillowy corners, rather than the strong corners of the 920, 1020 or 900. Hopefully however the screen is also curved to match the 720, as that would be pretty awesome.



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