Video & Screenshots: GDR3 Running on Lumia 920; What’s New

| October 14, 2013 | 47 Replies


A couple hours ago, as part of their enthusiasts program Microsoft made it possible for people to get their hands on the latest software version without the wait. Making GDR3 or Update 3 for WP8 available to anyone who wanted it; here’s a quick video walkthrough, and some screenshots of the changes:

As noted in the video, the new tile size is NOT available for sub 1080p screens (yet), no idea if that will change with time.

The update carries all we expected from GDR3, so here are a couple screenshots of the changes:




wp_ss_20131014_0007wp_ss_20131014_0008 wp_ss_20131014_0009 wp_ss_20131014_0010 wp_ss_20131014_0011 wp_ss_20131014_0012 wp_ss_20131014_0013 wp_ss_20131014_0014 wp_ss_20131014_0015



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