Apple steals video from filmmaker, Nokia gifts them a Lumia 1020 encouraging them to ‘stay original’

| October 22, 2013 | 36 Replies

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Remember that picture with those different sized cases? Inside one seems to be a Nokia Lumia 1020 which was sent to Casey Neistat. He recorded a video with his iPhone which Apple used, but removed his name without permission.

Apple was busted on NYTimes for this. Nokia, as a kind gesture (and good social media move) gave him a Nokia Lumia 1020. Well if it’s worth taking a video, why not with a 1020?

“I’ve never had my work stolen so adversely as this,” Mr. Neistat said. “They stripped all my branding off it and put their own name on it in such a harsh way.”


Apple is famously quoted for “Good artists copy, Great artists steal” originally by Picasso but more famously associated with Steve Jobs. Steve hated Android for copying Android and wanted to annihilate it, but iOS has so much copied from everywhere too. It’s a cycle of life where one inspires another (Sammy is the best at getting inspiration from others). Nokia’s had a lot of inspiration at Apple too (though we won’t go there).

Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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  • Janne

    Apple has stopped leading and started following. Apparently making a Surface/Nokiaesque keyboard cover for iPad, mimicking Windows 8.1 with free Mavericks update and a same-date launch as Nokia and Surface 2 release.

    • Random Random

      This is how it always was.

      Only few years after Apple introduces something, it will be accepted as an innovation. Not before.

      That’s why today some people are saying how apple had some innovations with the previous iPhone models. But not with 5S or 5. However when 3SG, 4 and 4S were released, those same people complained that they were lacking innovation.

      This is just about double standards.


      • Janne

        Simplification far from truth in my opinion.

        Sometimes Apple is innovative. At least in making coherent sense of certain innovations. Jobs was good at that. But reality is, Apple hasn’t really been innovating lately.

        That said, I disagree with your perception of how Apple is seen too. Apple still has its fans in the media. They will praise as innovations stuff that they ignore for others. Jobs’ reality distortion was especially good, but some of that halo still remains.

        Just a local example: Much of what Nokia released yesterday would be hyped to high heaven in Finnish press had it been by Apple. From Nokia, they just ignore much of what was announced. Yet they make big hay about some trivial evolutionary steps from Apple. Compare the reports.

        That is Apple’s strength, but it will also be their weakness if they remain complacent. They don’t have another Jobs.

        • Random Random


          It’s easy to find stories telling how 4S was a disappointment.

          Today only the latest models are disappointments and 4S was actually a nice product.

          This is how double standards work with Apple.

          • Janne

            You have a very selective view on Apple reporting.

            Sure, many people have been disappointed by lack on innovation in recent Apple products, but at the same time the same double standard I mentioned applies – Apple gets special treatment in the media and I say it is positive, not negative as you imply.

            Well, we agree to disagree I’m sure.

            • Random Random


              When 4S was released it was said to be a disappointment.

              Today it has magically become an innovation.

              Double standards.

    • Honestly

      Oh really?

      I didn’t know that you can upgrade from windows 7 to windows 8.1 for free.
      Or from windows vista. Or from windows xp.

      Oh wait.. I guess you can’t huh?

      And now they’re copying release dates to? Omg call the cops.

      Which keyboard cover did you see for iPad?

      Oh.. You mean the patent? Hmm.. Copy yea.. Where’s Nokia’s patent?
      Just like the iPad Air is a copy even though they’ve been working on it or years right?

      Apple has stopped leading?

      Wake up and smell the coffee.

      Apple is hunting down MS and is going to destroy it in 2014.
      The fall release was to get everything in place. To set the stage so the speak.

      They will release a apple made keyboard for the iPad in time and it will nuke microsoft.
      First RT. Then full blown windows.

      • muhs

        u r the one who needs to smell the coffee. Apple becoming a follower lately is as obvious as the sun. Apple currently is living on the glory of yesterday just like Nokia sometime in the past. Well, that glory(of apple) is still quite strong and has enough shine and light to not see it fading but it is fading. And those who live on the glory of their past don’t live long….u can see Nokia as an example even though it tried to turn around with all innovations it came with (if u say Nokia didn’t bring a plethora of innovations lately, then u r out of this universe), let alone a company(apple) that it thinks it innovates but it’s in complete stagnation. simple example of apple’s stagnation is a year and half ago wp devices like Lumia 800 and 900 can’t be dared to be compared to iPhone 4s hardware wise and everything (the very weak by then snapdragon s2 on the lumias VS apple’s A5 which was the best back then). Now look, Lumia 1520’s Snapdragon 800 is on par if not better than Apple’s latest A7. I am not saying the apocalypse of apple’s is now but with Apple’s current route…there’s no way but downfall but of course not before at least 3 to 4 years or so. if u deny this , then u r just burying ur head in the sand

        • Honestly

          What are you even saying?

          Which company has sold it’s devices unit?

          Who was talking about innovation. I just said that Apple isn’t following anyone.

          Snapdragon 800 is not Nokia’s nor Microsoft’s innovation. It’s Qualcomm’s. And FYI the first phone to receive it was the LG G2.

          I don’t see how Apple is doomed. They just had the most successful launch of the iPhone – ever -. And I don’t see Apple losing ground but they have their head in the sand.

          The problem with you doomsayers is that you don’t take a step back and look past the products to see the big picture which I so clearly painted for you.

          What innovation do they need at this point according to you?

          Nokia brought – ONE- innovation. Pureview.

          Other than that? I haven’t seen anything remotely interesting including yesterday’s releases.

          And don’t get me wrong. I love nokia design. You just can’t do ***** with their products. Except for taking pictures of course.

          Don’t think innovative product think innovative product strategy

          • Honestly

            ”And i don’t see apple losing ground because (NOT BUT) they have their head in the sand.

            • You know that you are really stupid, acutely blind.
              Remember when iPhone 1g launched it was underpowered. It didn’t even has the possibility to change ring tone NOR to download apps. And Symbian had it ages before. Nokia not innovative? Who was the first to have camera in phones? Who was the first to use NFC in phones? If it wasn’t for Nokia or Eriksson Apple would been dead already. Go away now Apple fanboy no-one likes You…

              Btw good work Nokia 😀

      • KeiZka

        Oh. iSheep have found their way to a blog not affiliated with Apple. How surprising, especially since it is an article calling Apple out on bs.

        • Honestly

          You’re out of your mind. I’m not a sheep. I fully acknowledge this article and the truth of it. Heck, I would be an idiot not to because only yesterday night I was watching two youtube videos of Neistat.

          Having said that. I was reacting to Janne’s bull***** claim that Apple is somehow following microsoft into the smallest details as ”release dates”. Are you kidding me? Nokia didn’t even give an official release date.

          Read Nokia Conversations. Nor fit Apple. They just said available from november. Let’s not even start about the rest of the bull***** he was spitting.

          You ms/nokia evangelist are so obvious. You use arguments to fight what you see as ”allegations” yet you love making allegations without using arguments.

      • Honestly

        Typical MNB. I write two extensive posts and they don’t get posted..

        • Posts are sent for moderation automatically if you use profanity. Please see the rules.

      • Spice

        Win7 to 8 is a bad example. It’s more like Win8 to 8.1. Mavericks is a *****ng minor version change (and an unnecessary one at that). Win7 and 8 are completely different. Yes, the kernel version is a minor version change, but there’s more than just the kernel. there’s changes to built-in software, the window manager was changed up entirely (not just looks wise, it’s practically become a new creature), the desktop environment was redone, and so on. Everything I’m seeing in the changelogs for Mavericks is stuff they could have just in a few revision numbers.

  • Alvester

    Good guy Nokia

    • sunnyvale

      haha, and scumbag apple.

  • erzhik

    True Apple died with Steve Jobs. What we see now, is just the remnants of what once was Great.

    • Random Random

      True Apple?

      Are you saying that True Nokia died with Knut Fredrik Idestam?

    • Spice

      They died when Woz left…

    • Did you know that the creator of C died the same month? He is 100 times more important, without him C++, C#, Windows, UNIX, Linux, OSX, Android and etc would not exist…

  • sbw44

    Where’s random? He likes defending apple!

    • Random Random

      Nothing to defend here.

      Besides, I rarely defend anything.

      I just point out facts.

      • sunnyvale

        It’s just funny 🙂

        Whenever someone talks about apple. You instantly appear.

        It’s like a magical work to summon you.

        • sunnyvale

          Sorry, I meant a magical word to summon you.

          No offense intended random. I always appreciate your input.

          • Random Random


            I don’t care to comment Nokia related news that much for two reasons.

            Nokia is mostly focusing on the camera side.

        • Janne

          Apple is his soft spot. He is a fan, but can’t admit it for some reason.

          I’m a Nokia fan that used to be an Apple fan. Left Apple when their philosophy/vision collided with mine in the iOS years.

          Lately Apple has stopped being innovative too, resting too long on their iOS laurels, but that’s not why I left. I left because Apple wants to make consumer drones of computer users, instead of making productive tools.

          • Random Random

            I like good and great products.

            That doesn’t make me a fan.

            We have a different definition of a productive tool.

            • Janne

              Liking good and great products doesn’t alone anyone a fan make. Your behavior in Apple topics, on the other hand, does tell us you are a fan. Maybe you don’t see it yourself.

              You are very rational until we discuss Apple or Marko Ahtisaari. With both you clearly have a personal agenda that makes it hard to be “normal” about them.

              • Random Random

                Unfortunately for you, I’m very rational what it comes to those matters.

                Just facts, nothing more.

                • KeiZka

                  Methinks thou doth protest too much.

  • twig

    I think a major problem for Apple is their media pumps them up so much that they just can’t deliver.

    Notice Loebs hedge fund bought big into the new Nokia, minus phones and devices?

  • Ed Baarless

    The main problem of the forum is it becomes boring.

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