Video: Nokia Beamer demo on Lumia 1520, triple column on Nokia Lumia 925

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For those interested in what the Nokia lumia 925 might look like with triple columns, there it is. Well kinda. You could just as easily pop a screenshot in to any lumia. Speaking of which is kinda what this next awesome app does.

Nokia Beamer, like PhotoBeamer, shows an image from your Lumia to another device. Unlike PhotoBeamer, Nokia Beamer isn’t just about photos. You can share anything on your screen and mirror it to another device. My mum will like this when I can give her some tips and tricks with her 920. Since it’s just snapshots (is it? from the comments some suggest its proper mirroring as long as the network isn’t bad) as opposed to a live video like feed, this should work ok over a mobile network connection and not use up relatively that much data. There’s some network congestion in the video so you can imagine how much better it would look if two people in different parts of the world were over WiFi.

Uses? Many.

  • Think how you can share app data to others? Power Point on the go?
  • Where am I? Show them your location on the map. As you move. Without them needing a map app.
  • View finder (well now that’s skype isn’t it – btw skype on desktop has this feature. I could never work out how to activate it and then how to disable it but it has been useful when trying to teach my mum how to do something on her PC. She couldn’t work out how to do that so had to do the old ‘move the webcam to broadcast the computer screen’ method)

Next, let’s have some wireless mirroring (30fps) to our tablets (which can then hookup to a TV? or perhaps directly to a TV).

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