Phablet War: Nokia Lumia 1520 vs Samsung Galaxy Note

| October 23, 2013 | 21 Replies

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In this video, the third generation of the phone that created the phablet category (Note 3- Sammy’s flagship phablet) goes up against Nokia’s first attempt in entering the phablet market, the Nokia Lumia 1520.




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  • chris_wayne

    I have used the Note just once, but damn the thing is so comfortable for web browsing, other than that i can’t see myself buying a 1520, i’d rather have the 2520 for that kind of stuff while i wait for the 920 real successor.

  • selda

    The Note 3 is superior in every way.

    • Wow, you’ve tested both already huh?

      What if you wanted a bigger 1080p screen? Superior eh? (Though could go with that Xperia 6.4′ but we’re talking about these two only).

      What about camera? You tested that as well?


      Note 3 is great. But let’s not kid ourselves. NO phone is superior in every way.

      • Patata

        What about the OS? Can it make any use of that larger screen? Things like multiwindows, stylus support and stuff like that? While the 1520 might be great hardware wise, the OS itself isn’t yet. It looks more or less like a Phablet Beta test 😉

        • xuz

          These fanboys wont remember these things.only in their articles where they rant, then only they say anything abt os.. nowhere else..
          BTW WP os is new.still they got so many things in a considerable amt of time.

          MS is new to such deliverables where there is quarterly releases.never were they exposed to such agile methods it will take time.. only if they ramp up, then we shall see the sparkles.

          RT to be merged into WP in 2 yrs.. 2yrs??are u kidding me??why r u microsoft then?any IT company can do it in 2 yrs..

          • Hary

            MS never said that they will merge in 2 yrs. You are generalizing rumors.
            Grow up.

            • xuz

              MNB itself posted an article a few days ago.along with wpcentral

              • Shane

                Yeah, but not over that claimed time-frame, the exact time-frame is far from “known”.

  • Shane


  • Jesseri

    I’ve been using Note 3 for couple weeks now and I have to say its quite good.Before I bought it, I thought that s-pen is gimmicky, but now i find using it quite often and would be missing it greatly. Nokia 1520 definately looks gorgeous and camera should be killer, but…

  • goosepig

    Awesome Nokia hardware, it looks great..

    If it came with MeeGo instead of WP8 I would probably have bought one 🙂

  • Nok

    Note 3 is better.

  • steelicon

    WP is in itself a downgrade. That in itself qualifies that Note 3 is superior.

  • Rich

    The reason the Note is the superior product as a phablet is because the software has been modified to the screen size – split screen being the main thing, and then being able to, say, drag a photo from gallery to a message by just dragging from one window to another – just like using a computer. WP on the other hand has no modifications to the extra size, you can just see things better

  • Rich

    The Lumia has much nicer features in terms of display and camera and design etc, but the simple fact, the Note 3 is a better phablet. Why? Because a phablet represents a different device (and as Samsung basically invented the niche, i’d say it’s theirs to define).

    The Note line is not just like a Galaxy S 3 or 4, or any other Samsung device. The software is designed to take advantage of the screen size AND also have added functionality. One of the greatest features is being able to split the screen, and on the Note 3 you can have Gallery open in one side, Messages in another, and drag a photo from gallery to a message, just like that. You don’t have to click the attach button then scroll to find it, just drag. Like a computer.

    The S-pen also has some incredible functionality, like being able to read emails without opening them (the screen registers the pen without contact being made, and then brings out a pop-up of the email content). You can also take a screenshot with the pen, or see what photos are in a particular album without opening it – again, without touching the screen you just move across it and it displays the photos.

    Just a couple examples of how Samsung defined this product niche by not just making the screen bigger, but differentiating the software. The lumia phablet doesn’t do that, it is literally just a bigger screen. And that’s fine, I would still buy it. But as a *phablet*, the Note 3 has to win. Neither Microsoft nor Nokia said ‘ok, this is our phablet and it needs to appeal to this particular market, and we’re going to add these features that aren’t in the Lumia 920 (or hell, add the features to all the devices)’, they just said ‘here’s our current phone, let’s make it bigger’

    • Shane

      To be fair, we dont know yet what optimisations are in the pipeline for the next major release* + Nokia’s further twks. Granted though, at least some phablet-centric optimisations should’ve been done by now, & showcased at launch.

      *I personally haven’t noticed much in GDR3 yet, but beyond that who knows

    • KeiZka

      Well… in a sense, Nokia invented smartphones, yet it was redefined by Apple. Nothing is set in stone?

      It’s true Samsung has managed to build in a plethora of functionality that competitors are lacking (for now).

      • Rich

        Sure, I’m not saying a phablet must be the same as the Note to be considered a phablet, I just mean that the benchmark was set with it being differentiated from other phones. By that measure, the larger Lumias are just large phones rather than phablets.

  • Rich

    (And don’t even get me started on the notifications. WP STILL doesn’t have a centre, you STILL have to ensure you have any tiles that get notifications, including ebay, on your home screen, AND make sure you scroll down frequently to check you didn’t miss anything. One of the best things about Android is not just that the notifications are right there, it’s that you can even reply to some of them from the notification pane, without opening an app. Or if I’m messaging someone and want to call them, i just put the phone to my ear and it rings the person.)

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