So What Are Those Five Dots on the Top of the Lumia 1520 Anyways?

| October 25, 2013 | 11 Replies

DSC04226Back when the Lumia 1520 was leaked, there was a lot of speculation as to what the five dots on the top of the device were, at first they were proposed to be wireless charging connectors, like the 1020 and 925 etc. But the position and number didn’t add up. Well the answer is much simpler, and I thought I’d post about it as some people have pinged me asking about them.

The “dots” are actually the microphone openings for one of the four mics on the Lumia 1520. The mics are used for Nokia’s amazing rich recording as well as noise cancellation; the other three mics are on the front (top & bottom) as well as the bottom back of the device.

You can catch their positions detailed in the video below at the 2:10 marker


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