“NOKIA” Software Update Available for Lumia 1020

| October 28, 2013 | 23 Replies


I;m not sure exactly what’s in this update, but my 1020 just alerted me of an available NOKIA software update. It only took about 3 minutes to install, but it’s currently “migrating data” so I’m not sure what’s new yet; unfortunately  this probably isn’t the Nokia Black update that was announced alongside the 1520 & 1320, but who knows?

*P.S. my 1020 is UK region, running GDR3


After the update my software version is 3050.0000.133x.1001.

According to the Nokia support page the included features are:

  • Imaging enhancements
  • Touch functionality improvements
  • Performance and stability improvements


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  1. kev0200 says:

    I had this last week, and emailed you guys lol

  2. Grazy says:

    is this an o2 64gb? just trying now.

    I have found the super sentisitive touch to be hit and miss on mine. sometimes it works and then it doesnt! coudl that be an improvement to touch as outlined in the changelog?

    Update: mine has not found anything! how can you do this update assuming its available? i went it and did a “check for updates”

  3. Chetan says:

    Natural imaging update may be

  4. milojko says:

    lot of grain on that picture lol

  5. sks says:

    Not on mine in India..

  6. Deaconclgi says:

    Nothing new for my 1020. Even though I have GDR3….I blame the lack of getting this update on AT&T.

    Hopefully Nokia Black isn’t in AT&T’s idle hands….

    • hysonmb says:

      I was thinking the same thing. If we have to wait for AT&T to release this, 8.1 will probably come first.
      Now that MS has allowed the early release for developer unlocked phones, it would be nice to see Nokia (soon to be under the MS umbrella) follow suit.

  7. BJ says:

    I got two consecutive updates on my 925. It seems they’re updating firmware not the OS looking at the version numbers.

  8. Ed Boland says:

    Still no update here on AT&T in the U.S. :(

  9. beeb says:

    Unless you’ve downloaded the developer preview of the OS, you’re not running GDR3, that IS what will be Lumia Black update on Nokias. It will be updated OS incorporating Nokia enhancements. I’m running the new OS and love having my own message/email tones back. Waiting for the Lumia Black update (which will overwrite the developer preview I’m running) to see what goodies Nokia have added :) Already have Nokia camera app and rotation lock :)

  10. Izuan says:

    Crikey. Update finally turned up in Malaysia. Forgot all about it haha then suddenly, huh? What’s this?! Checked the sites to see if it’s something new, found nothing on it then remembered this is an OLD story haha. Oh well, it’s here now. Let’s hope some little niggles get sorted.

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