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One of the great things about Nokia, is networking. At this year’s event in Abu Dhabi, I got to meet Jason, a budding developer who took part in Nokia’s Future/Capture Hackathon in Sweden earlier this year. He was at Nokia World, to showcase his app, Social Scene. The idea around the app is really simple, and I love it! This is the kind of app I think with the right level of exposure and cross-platform uptake, can be along the lines of Instagram and Vine – yes, the concept is THAT good!


Social Scene is a social network of its own pretty much, allowing users to snap an image of a certain location, and uploading it to the service. Other users (or the same user) visit the same location at a different time, and capture the same image. What the app will then do, is show a time lapse of that location, generated by the various users. Pretty neat huh?



Despite Jason having had over 20 years experience in development, this was his first WP8 app, and bloody hell did he do a good job! Here is what he had to say about the idea behind Social Scene:

I lost my father when I was young, but knew I was walking down the same streets and seeing the same local sights that he would have.

The idea that using todays amazing mobile devices with excellent cameras and GPS would let me capture these local sights for my children to see, led me to the idea of Social Time Lapse Photography.

Time Lapse Photography is nothing new, but doing it in a ‘Crowd Sourced’ way is. It means I can take a photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris on a sunny day, then later someone else can take the same photo when it’s snowing. Over a long period of time when can capture changes and share this ‘story of change’ with others.

One of my favourite features is that you can overlay an existing image. This allows you to line up the shot perfectly!


Overlay off


Overlay on

Feel free to get in touch with Jason on Twitter at @GeoLogUK and use the #SocialScene tag to gain some awareness – he tends to retweet you and respond faster also!

Grab the app by clicking the link below or scanning the QR-code

Social Scene QR


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