Poll: Lumia 1520 & 2520; What Color Will You Get?

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With the Lumia 2520 and 1520 launch date approaching (November 22nd) it’s time for Nokia fans like us to start counting our pennies and checking under our couch cushions; but there’s one more thing even more difficult than finding the proper funds. Yes, choosing which color to get; there is no shortage of options when buying a Lumia and that makes your decision even harder, plus the age old matte vs glossy comes into play again.

WP_20131022_14_54_07_ProFor me the 1520 decision is narrowed down to either matte white or matte yellow; as the glossy red looks *too* shiny, on such a large surface, it almost gives off a *cheap* vibe in my opinion. The white and yellow both look great in my opinion, and I’ve been personally leaning towards a combo of a white 1520 with a yellow case like the one below (skip to 2:50), but I will probably get it in whatever color comes out the victor in the poll below (plus I’ve yet to have  a yellow phone):


The 2520 decision is even harder, as both the white and red versions are glossy (unlike the 1520 where the white is matte); plus let’s not forget the amazing keyboard accessory case that comes in both red and black.



For me I was leaning towards a red Lumia 2520 + a black accessory keyboard (since the black won’t pick up stains as easy), but that was before I realized it was a glossy red. Now I don’t know what to think, except that I won’t be getting the white one, the inverse of my first decision (black tablet + red case) is still an option, but I’m not sure yet.


So what do you guys think? Which color will you go for? Which color should I go for?

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  • mahola

    Blue! No, Yellooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

  • guest

    never go with a glossy finish

    • Rohan

      Why so? Why not glossy?

  • edi_opteron

    I loved the red 2520 but as Janne said, I don’t like scratches ! and sorry about Lumia 1520, I don’t like Huge screens nor the price! I admit I love the specs, but I’ll buy a Lumia 1020 ( yellow) for the primary phone.

  • manu

    yellow for 1520 and red for 2520 .

  • efekt

    Voted for yellow 1520… Unfortunately I don’t think I have enough budget for both the 2520 and the 1520… 🙁

  • Carsten

    White 1520 with yellow case
    white 2520 with red case
    the is my choice.

    BTW in danmark the nokia Lumia 520 is on sale at 41£/48€ on a 5£/6€ monthly contract for 6 months.

  • sheridan01

    Doesn’t really matter, they are not all available on release in Finland, was going to get a Red 1520 and Blue 2520. But now I can’t so had to settle for a white 1520 with red case and a white case. Then a Red 2520 with Red power kb (if that is available)

  • optom786

    iPad Air 32gb silver

    • rxc13


      • maybe not…he/she is pointing out the only colour the iPad’s come in is Silver back, with either a white/black front, which is just blah!

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