Nokia “GoldFinger” and “MoneyPenny” to be First Nokia WP 8.1/Blue Devices + “3D Touch”?

| November 14, 2013 | 13 Replies

goldfinger-wallpaper_294513_32943According to @evleaks, the ever reliable source on anything in the pipelines (Nokia or not), two of the devices he previously mentioned “goldfinger” and “moneypenny” could be Nokia’s first WP 8.1/Blue devices. Blue update is set to be the large overhaul for WP bringing a number of features, including possibly a notification center, quick toggles and separate volume controls; but none of these have been confirmed yet.

If Nokia follow their naming scheme, these devices should be named XX30, as the tens digit represents the Windows Phone version number. We’re sure to see a lot more of these leaks in the future, but hopefully Blue isn’t too far off.

According to the Verge, Nokia’s first WP 8.1 devices may debut Nokia’s “3D Touch” a technology that basically enables touch gestures outside the touch screen/glass. These features may use special hardware sensors to detect movements on or around the phone, such as hover gestures ( a feature present in the GS4) and swipes on the side or back of the phone.




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