Nokia Shareholders Approve Microsoft Deal; Factory Workers in China Strike in Dispute

| November 19, 2013 | 177 Replies

Nokia-Dogguan-protestOne thing we might sometimes overlook as Nokia fans and die-hards, is how the impeding Microsoft acquisition will affect those that work at Nokia, especially the factory workers and teams that might become obsolete due to redundancy. Workers in the China “Dongguan” are striking in dispute of the Microsoft acquisition, this comes in response to Nokia’s shareholders giving the final Ok on the deal.

The shareholders, voted in favor of the deal with an overwhelming 99.7% saying yes; of course there’s no reason they wouldn’t as Nokia stocks have been on the rise ever since the deal broke headlines, with share prices breaking the $8 point earlier this year.

Workers held signs saying :”do not sell us, we have dignity and human rights”, since of course it’s unclear what will happen to these factories and their jobs. That unfortunately is something only few people are clear about at the moment, but we’re sure to find out soon.

Edit: Earlier we mentioned that the Vietnam factory workers were also on strike, however this is not the case; and production there is carrying on as usual.






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