6snap snapchat client gets released for Windows Phone

| November 21, 2013 | 8 Replies


After this mornings excitement with Instagram being released, Rudy Huyn, the developer of 6tag, took the wraps off 6snap and announced its public availability.

For those who don’t know what snapchat is, it is a photo and video messaging app, that has self destructing messages. What the user can do is specify the time length that the recipient can see the image for (1-10 secs) and after they view it once, it deletes itself. Perfect for those who send the cheeky snap and don’t want the repercussions. (My friends tend to send me drunk selfies :p ) On Android and iOS, if you screenshot a friends photo, they get notified. However, with WP, when you’re holding the screen to view the picture, you cannot screenshot.




The app is free, with ads, and has an in-app purchase to remove them if you wish.


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  • chris_wayne

    Downloaded it… created an account… don’t have friends 🙁

  • Janne

    Is there really nothing that can be done to the comments cache? Turn it off for good? Nowadays it feels like comments don’t work most of the time and MNB is otherwise cached a little funnily too, even stories seem to not appear at times.

    I’m sad to say it does lessen the interest to participate when the chances are people won’t be able to follow the discussion or read it later when it folds over to the second page.

    • Alvester

      Yeah. Its kind of annoying. I’ve to reload the tip page everytime before posting a tip.

      • Janne

        Every time I click link to comments, I see only 1 or 2 comments. If the url gets the comments part, the page will be broken. This means recent comments links etc. usually don’t work, but look like they work, so many users may actually miss the comments entirely. Many threads get very little comments these days and I think it is not only because of the Nokia situation.

        More seriously, if a thread gets to second comments page, only way to get the first page to work for a brief moment is to post a comment – which apparently refreshes the cache for a moment until it reverts to broken state soon. This practically kills any discussion on previous pages of multi-page comment threads.

        And of course, the Tips page suffering from this, and for me also the front page coming from cache more often than usual, really unfortunately have cripped MNB quite a bit. I’m rooting for The Guys. Good luck, hope you can fix it!

        • Alvester

          You summed up the entire issue pretty well. Also I never get email notifications when someone replies to my comment even though I’ve checked that option and accepted the subscription confirmation that comes to the mail.

  • Bazil

    Why you can’t take a screenshot? What prohibits you?

  • adam

    How do you screenshot a snapchat picture on Nokia lumia 1020

  • juliya

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