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Mix Play & Share is a really awesome new app that enhances Nokia Mix Radio. For myself, and many others, Nokia Mix Radio is the main source of music on our Lumia devices. What European Windows Phone dev Marco Siccardi has done, is to allow us to have access to more mixes to enjoy.


As you can see in the screenshots above and below, the listed mix categories will change depending on which Mix Radio country you set.


Whether you like music from another country, or are just curious about what mixes they have down under (for example – P.S It doesn’t involve kangaroos :p) , Mix Play & Share will become one of your most used apps.


Here’s what the app entry says on the Store:

Do you love Nokia Music? If so, do you love the Mix Radio feature? We do! We are listening to Music whenever it’s possible, and the Nokia Mixes are the number one collections we are listening to. Sadly, Nokia Music does not provide a possibility to listen to Mixes from other countries. This small little helper app is the solution to that. What does it do?

A neat little trick is tapping and holding a mix allows you to share the mix via Email, SMS, NFC and Social Networks. You can even pin the mixes for quick access. What if you don’t have a Nokia? Don’t worry, the mix will play in the browser!


Here’s a few changes in the pipeline:
  • Localization
  • Integration into NFC Toolkit (another app by same the dev) – though will stay as separate projects
  • Support newly added countries as soon as they are added by Nokia

The app is free. Get it at the link below.






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