MNB Reader Generated: Nokia planning “bounceback”, “new weapons”

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nokia logoJanne’s latest piece looks again at Nokia’s potential come back to the consumer market. Something some thought would be wishful thinking what with the sale of D&S. But some recent news from key Nokians suggest there may be Nokia branded consumer things in the future.

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In continuing on the theme I’ve posted on previously, the post-D&S sale Nokia (, here is a bit more from two links tipped by myself, prashant and Jiipee yesterday. I thought I’d combine these into some sort of coherent post. What will Nokia do, once the mobile phones side of thing is sold off to Microsoft in Q1?

Well, we know Nokia is re-grouping into its Karaportti campus in Espoo, Finland, where NSN is already headquartered ( Karaportti campus is home of a few new office buildings, Karaportti Midpoint – the new Nokia HQ – and the NSN HQ. These are much newer buildings than the Nokia House was, by the way, although the in-land Karaportti location is not as glamorous as the seaside Nokia House. Karaportti campus itself, though, is quite old and used to house, I believe, an NSN factory at one point and the buildings have been renovated into new uses of Nokia and NSN. It is a sprawling area of many, many Nokia and NSN office buildings and is actually rated as an area of special national significance – the Finnish army regularly practices the defense of the area, like they practice the defense of TV stations for example, so don’t get spooked if a tank blocks your way to the new Nokia HQ.

Here are the recent articles tipped:

Nokia, Once The World’s Biggest Mobile-Phone Maker, Is Planning The Next Bounceback

Tässä ovat Nokian uudet aseet – katso!

The English story speaks for itself, for the Finnish one I’ll quote Jiipee:

  • Nokia is now free from the device and ecosystem shackles and can offer their tech to anyone interested. Looking for new ways to introduce innovation to market
  • Nokia’s future is to become technology company, whose core is research. Nokia is about to use half of the cash gained from NMP sales to research. (I wonder, if he can say that now, when the new strategy is not public)
  • Nokia will continue to research mobile phone tech and may license it to others, not only phone manufacturers. They may also manufacture/design some devices themselves or only license.
  • Then there are some (lame) examples of tech Nokia has been working on.

Jiipee’s personal note:

They are now talking how they are preparing for the “programmed” world. Ollila et al have said that Nokia didn’t have enough sw competence. How are they going to compete in the new programmed world, when they’ve closed down their sw operations?

Janne’s personal note:

An interesting note in the article was that Nokia was now looking at being able to take advantage of their research better, when they wouldn’t be constrained by trying to fit them into phones.



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