2 Million Xbox ones sold in 18 days strengthening the ecosystem

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Back in June at E3, news about how the Xbox One would handle a few things really upset a few people. It angered current fans, made PS fans happy forcing MS to make some changes. Up until that date, Xbox was one of the strong pillars for the windows ecosystem that WP (and then Nokia CEO, Elop) seemed so reliant on. Was it now torpedoing any future hopes and giving up to Sony? Xbox one was more expensive than PS4! What if they didn’t want kinect? Was anyone going to buy an Xbox One? 

Apparently so. 1 million were sold in 24 hours, and 2 million in 18 days. I don’t care about the ‘next gen console wars’ i.e. who will “win”. Only time will tell in a years time when things have evolved slightly. I’m only interested that ALL the platforms become viable ones. Whilst Xbox launched in 13 countries and Sony was initially limited in the first 14 days to US/Canada, the PS4 is now available in 32 countries. Xbox still on 13 markets.

  • 2 Million Consoles sold through in 13-markets in the first 18-days
  • Over 83 million hours in games, TV, and apps on Xbox One since the system launched
  • 39 million Xbox One achievements unlocked
  • 595 million total Gamerscore achieved on Xbox One
  • At peak demand, customers were ordering the Xbox One console at over 1000 units per minute on

What has MS really done though regarding the integration of Xbox to WP? There’s some nice things like SmartGlass perhaps, and the XboxLive achievements. Halo was neat too but I think people want much more. Especially should RT merge with WP and the handsets being so much more capable to run ‘old gen’ type games.

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